The Island

Eriska is a unique combination of three ingredients- the hotel and its accommodation, the Stables and all the leisure facilities and the Estate, which comprises of 350 acres of which the majority is on the island but also 50 acres on the mainland which includes a Special area of Scientific Interest (see below).

The Island sits at the mouth of Loch Creran, a Marine Site designated Special Area Conservation. Part of the charm of Eriska is the ability it offers to explore the estate and enjoy the island as if it were your own. From the formal ground to the western seaboard to the rugged hill side, the whole estate has a charm and is genuinely interesting and exciting to explore whether you are a nature and wildlife devotee or simply keen to walk and wander the many paths and trails in search of peace and tranquility. 

Nestling on the eastern side of one of the world's most celebrated rift valleys, and born of the cataclysmic upheavals of more than 600 million years ago, the formation of Eriska is largely of schist and slate with the lower ground to the west as a raised beach from the Island.

The partly submerged Crannog, or fortified dwelling, dates from the Bronze Age around 200 BC, situated some 200m into the channel to the east of the bridge, marks the earliest recorded human history of the Island.

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