Birthday Celebrations at Eriska

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Dec 13, 2015 7:56:24 PM

The end of last month marked a real miletsone for my Mother and therefore we wanted to mark this with a special celebration. Whilst many of her friends had suggested an event away from Eriska she highlighted that she really wanted to be at home for this significant birthday. All this was relayed to me by her friends so we set about preparing a secret event and continued to allow her to believe we had either forgotten or considered the event irrelevant.

Suffice to say we invited freinds and family to join us and neglected to metion this to my mother so that when the day arrived she was a little distraught by our lack of entuisiasm to mark the occassion but I think the surprise was worth the aggravation from her and I have asked one of our esteemed guests to write about it with his account below!



Mr B’s Surprise Birthday Party

 I remember when I was student going out to a Thai restaurant for a friend’s birthday. This was novel and Thai cuisine was exotic back then. Now it would be hard to find a student who had not tried Thai food. In fact many of my students could talk in some detail about Thai cooking, and would be able to describe the three best Thai meals that they had eaten during their gap!

 Some of the birthday celebrations that I have attended rapidly fade in my memory. I’ve been thinking about birthday meals and about how our tastes have changed. There was a time when the passing of another year was celebrated with delights such as prawn cocktail, steak Diane and baked Alaska. At some later time they were replaced by pasta dishes, polenta and tiramisu. More recently birthday parties have involved tapas, sushi and molecular gastronomy.

 The few birthday parties that have taken place at Eriska have tended to stay uppermost in my mind. The surprise party for Mrs B will be no exception. Beppo and Seona were as cunning as a skulk of foxes, and executed a supreme master plan. Picture the scene. Under the cloak of stealth, a mixture of family members and old friends hid in the hotel. Unaware Mrs B arrived at the front door, only to be met by her son Chay who she thought she had spoken to in New Zealand just a couple of hours earlier. After the initial surprise she was led into the drawing room only to be met by the secretly assembled group. The food, wines and the cake were exceptional, and it was a truly joyous occasion.


 My most recent birthday was on 21.10.2015. Movie buffs will remember that this date is integral to the plot in the film Back to the Future II. I am now a bit hazy on the storyline, but it is clear that travel by hoverboard is still some way off. Engaging in a wee thought experiment I am trying to envisage what the cuisine of future birthdays will be? To be honest I can’t think of what food will be in vogue twenty years from now. What is also hard to imagine is that there is a better location than the Isle of Eriska for holding a family birthday celebration.


Vernon Gayle


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Eriska Awarded 'Taste our Best' by Visit Scotland

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on Oct 16, 2013 11:34:00 AM

describe the imageEriska was yesterday Awarded its latest award by Visit Scotland of "Taste our Best". This is a new scheme both supported and backed by the Scottish Government which highlights properties which showcase more than 40% of their menu from the locality. Although apparently the locality to the customer ranges greatly but for ease in this excersise - and I am sure nothing to do with the push for independence- Local means Scottish!

However the scheme does not stop a simply awarding a plaque but also offers feedback to business about where they could make a difference Scotland of Food & Drink is a website that helps businesses identify other potential producers which may currently be anonymous and unknown. We were delighted to not only be one of the first to be recognised but more imporantly that this recognition aligns so clearly with our principles. Hopefully the scheme will take off and be a great success and that will require the customers to grasp and support it too.

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