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Isle of Eriska goes to Wedding Exhibition


We are going to the Wee Beauty Photography wedding exhibition in Connel next Saturday. If you would like to learn more about the island, the hotel or the spa for your wedding you can come along to the exhibition at the Oyster Inn at 13:00 on the 7th September! If you don't get the chance have a look here!

We were also mentioned as one of the Top 5 Intimate Hotel Venues in Scotland! 

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'Where 2 Wear It' at Eriska


Alice outside the Isle of Ersika Hotel with two dogs wearing Beauchamp of London collars and leads

In August we welcomed Alice from Alice & Co to Eriska, traveling with her partner and journalist. She has included the west coast travels and the island life in her fashion blog! We even lent her the resident dogs Blue and Dibley for the shoot. 

Alice & Co

With a career in theatre and costume design, Alice created Alice & Co after a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway! Alice & Co was a made-to-measure clothing business for women that also offered colour and style consultations.

Now Alice & Co is suddenly 21 years old and has grown to include Designer Raincoats, which is devoted to magnificent macs made in bold PVC colours with a rich oriental brocade inside, and Madame Tra La La, which takes vintage clothes and remakes them to fit the modern woman. 

Reading Alice's blog certainly gives us a few nifty ideas for travelling in style without too much luggage - in other words perfect for the weekend getaways and short breaks!

Have you seen our 3 Night Romance Package


Where to Go Wild Swimming!


So You think you can beat that??

We know our guests love our indoor heated ozone filtered pool at Eriska, but this is something for the more adventurous! Did you know that the record for a swimming circumnavigation of our private island is 2 hours and 21 minutes??

Mother & Daughter Weekend at Isle of Eriska


"In front is a croquet lawn, where swallows swoop and blackbirds hop, and round the corner a huge ancient oak tree with a swing seat plenty big enough for two".

Last week Eriska was featured in Cosmopolitan Online's 'Weekend - Breaks', by Suzanne King after having spent a few days at Eriska away from the city stress. 

Recommended for couples to enjoy a weekend of spa luxury and time together in peace and quiet, dine in our award winning restaurant and enjoy wine's you wouldn't find on the ordinary wine list.. 

Or, a trip with the girls to come and explore the west coast with an exhilarating boat trip around Loch Linnhe with Coastal Connection (run by two very handsome twin brothers according to Ms King herself), to see dolphins, basking sharks and baby seals. Let's not forget that the spa would also be on the door step offering full day packages, treatment progreammes and other finishing touches, for you to feel transformed and ready for a luxurious meal in our award-winning 3AA Rosette restaurant accompanied with wine's for every taste. 

Or, for the perfect 'mother & daughter' excursions. See what Karen Bowerman had to say about her mother & daughter weekend at Eriska

Try our Popular Bond Package at Eriska


We are thrilled to see our Bond Package receiving so much positive attention. Being published in the Telegraph Travel section, and in the the Daily Mail Online, people have been very interested to experience the Bond lifestyle for themselves for a weekend. Last month we received Aston Martin for a few days as part of their 100th anniversary tour, which you can read obout in our blogDo you feel like driving an Aston Martin and attending a Martini masterclass? 

Buchanan-Smith 40th Anniversary at Isle of Eriska


We hope you've all had a fantastic June! It has been rather wet and windy at Eriska the last few weeks as we have come into July. As some of you may know, our 40th anniversary is this month and I sat reminiscing with my mother about when we first arrived to Eriska. Although me and Chay arrived two days later, my parents very first day on the island was quite a memorable experience looking nothing like the 5 star property it is today:

"1st July 1973... it was a rainy day and the rain seemed to get even heavier as we approached Eriska and more importantly opened a new chapter  in our lives. The drive was overgrown and the bushed brushed the sides of the car as we rounded the bend and saw the 'Big house' before us. The lawn was waist high in grass and it looked, and more importantly felt, a very different place from the one we had viewed and visited earlier in the year. It was now in our stewardship to look after Eriska and we were so excited and full of anticipation but most of all dreams, for the challenges lying ahead of us.

Opening the large front door with a massive key, one's dreams were faltering and illusions changed as the house was cold, empty, and unlived but most surprisingly it did not feel unfriendly or scary, just a bit daunting! we set off for a look through all the rooms... the kitchen had not been used for 18 years but a stove had been placed in the morning room, now the dining room with the wallpaper hanging off the walls. Upstairs, only one bathroom was operational with running water - it was time to again reflect on what we had taken on!

We set about getting some furniture carried from Lilac Cottage, where we had been allowed to store it prior to our official arrival, to the main house. A bed, an electric heater and small table were carried to Kerrera on the first floor, then as the sun began to set, Robin took to his bed having arrived with a bad bout of flu and now forced to succumb. During the night, we had to place a bin under the light in the bedroom as the rain began to drip off the light bulb and the house began to feel empty - we realised we were very much alone!

Downstairs the Library, which was the only other room with a chair and the smallest room to try and heat, I pulled back the cardboard covering the fireplace and to my amazement uncovered four logs in the grate. I managed to light them, only for it to last 5 minutes as the wood was so dry, but the lack of smoke at least proved that the chimney was functioning. Thankfully, I then managed to find a store of logs outside in a garage and got a bit more heat from it, and certainly a more welcoming feel to the house, as well as the chance to think about preparing a meal which ironically due to the time and lack of implements turned out to be a picking in the middle of the floor with a hot drink for the patient upstairs.

So ended the first day on Eriska and so began both our new future and new page in the history of this wonderful island, and as if by magic, the next day saw the end of rain as the dawn brought bright sunshine with not a cloud in the sky and with it, the real work could begin."

Beppo Buchanan-Smith 

Best Hotel in Scotland - 2013


We are so pleased to have been crowned one of the 'Best Hotels in Scotland' courtesy of The Hotel Guru's latest article recently published.

It's great to be next to some other great hotels and we considered one of the top 3 hotels in Scotland for 'pure luxury'. We certainly have to agree with them at The Hotel Guru!

To read the full article, please click here. And don't forget to have a look at the exciting packages we have to indulge in at the Isle of Eriska throughout 2013... 

Click here for further details. 

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