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10 family activities to do from Eriska

Posted by Bertie Badger on Aug 8, 2016 7:20:59 PM

Every year we get requests about Family Activities when staying at Eriska and this always results in lots of research but in truth it is the blind leading the blind as we do not get involved in family activities as such so end up suggesting itineraries that we would like to do and the potential guests does not know the area well so often books activities that are a distance away or not ideal for the age group of children. So this year- just ot show we are learning- we have been monitoring the activities that gain the greatest reports from our visitors and tose taht the rave about whatever the weather. We have tried to take into account the lucky guests with the most sunshine and balance these with the guests who were caught out.


We have not listed them in any particular order and have taken family to mean multi generation party who have a variety of ability and interest but set out to keep the majority happy- no Pokemon Go mentioned!



  • 1. Sealife Centre 

If you want to discover scotish wildlife, we advise to go to the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary, at just 15 minutes driving from the Isle of Eriska hotel.You could meet the adorable seals and hear the touching stories behind their rescues or visit the playful otters and the other species. It is the perfect place to enjoy with family in case of rainning weather while learning about the scottish nature


  • 2. Seafari Adventures 

Seafari Adventures offers exceptional wildlife and nature boat trips to see whales, porpoise, dolphins, basking sharks, otter, golden and white tailed sea eagles and much more in our European Special Area of Conservation - Firth of Lorne. Our tip is dress warmly - they offer waterproofs but this does not keep out the cold at 30 knots! There are differents type of boat trips, for all tastes, all ages, ideal to take a big breath of fresh air with family ! It is located 1hour driving from the hotel, at the south of Oban, hence.


  • 3. Explore Mull 

The Isle of Mull, the most closest island from Oban, is one of the most beautiful island of west highland. It offers variest landscapes and activities for all family. Wildlife, castles, mountain hire bike, walking, each one will find what is he looking for in The Isle of Mull ! If you go to Mull, you absolutely must discover Tobermory village, on the west coast. It is a beautiful fishing village with colored buildings along the main street to the pier. You will find a good variety of shops, hotels and other accomodations. And if you are whisky lovers, we advise to go to the Tobermory distillery, very famous for it tradditional savoir-faire - with moderation of course ! 


It is easy to access Craignure from Oban, with a direct ferry go and return several times per day. Booking is required during busy summermonths on the Oban ferry, however, the other two are not possible to book, and places are normally available when required.

If you prefer, The Isle of Eriska hotel may also arrange a private charter from Eriska to Tobermory (Isle of Mull) and return would be £550.00 for the boat, with our partner Costal Connection. Departure around 10:00am from Eriska and return at 5:00pm so you can spend some time on Mull.

  • 4. The Jacobite's Train 

Fan of Harry Potter and of all it sorcery ? We have the perfect activity for your family ! Take the famous Jacobite train from Fort William (1 hour driving from the hotel) - which inspired the Harry Potter movies - and travel through the amazing landscapes,  until Mallaig village. 3 hours of pure happiness, and you will come back with full stars in your eyes. Find all the thrills of Harry Potter's movie, an activity to do from 7 to 77 years...


  • 5. Ice Factory 

Only  1hours drive from the hotel, you can discover the Ice Factory with a wide range of indoor & outdoor activities to ensure that you are entertained whatever the weather. No experience necessary, making for the perfect family day out. Rock climbing, ice climbing, ready for a sporting day with family ? Feel the adrenaline as if you were in natural environnement  !


  • 6. Sea Kayak 

For many one of the attractions is the sea and therefroe a desire "to get out on the water" and what better way to do this and potentially closest way without getting wet than in a kayak. This is an activity which can be adjusted to suit all ages and ability and depending on the weather can offer a challenge or stress free activity.  Guests of all ability and ages can take part and they will come to Eriska to allow you to set off and return with dignity! Sea kayak company is an excellent partner situated in Oban. Wetsuits and footwear are provided. 


  • 7. Mountain biking  

Why do not try Isle of Eriska's bikes to explore the island in family by a sunny day ? Isle of Eriska is an ideal place from which to enjoy tours into the majestic highland landscapes 

You can hire our mountain bikes to cycle on the island, exploring the surrounding area or load them up on the car for   a day trip.

You can pre-book and borrow mountain bikes and necessary equipment from our Spa Reception. And if you plan a day trip, The Isle of Eriska may arrange a picnic for all the family, for more information, please contact directly the reception team. 


  • 8. Archery

Would you like try a sport combining strengh and cleverness ? Try this ancient and noble sport using the traditional longbow of the Scottish Highlands. Learn the basics of this challenging weapon and test your martial skill under the guidance of former 'longbow World Champion of the Wand' 2006, Sean O'Byrne. Archery is taken part 4.5 miles from the hotel, in Artdorna - please contact 07867 785524 for further information. 


  • 9. Golf 
Why do not enjoy of the leisure facilities offered by The Isle of Eriska hotel during your stay ? Our Golf Course and Driving Range is open to Non-residents as well as our Residents from 8am until 8pm seven days a week. All ages and abilites are welcome to play the course and use the driving range.

No need to book in advance, turn up and pay to play! Enjoy stunning views as you make your way around our golf course for only £15.00 (adults) and £7.50 (children) a day and  £6.00 for our Driving Range. Golf clubs and golf trolleys are available to hire from our Stables Reception. Make a day of it an enjoy a golfers lunch in our Veranda Restaurant from 12.30pm until 2pm.


  • 10. Fishing 

Only 30 minutes drive from The Isle of Eriska hotel, relax in family at Inverrawe Smokehouse learning fishing along the River Awe, in the beautiful park of Inverawe. Afterwards- or as a break-  enjoy the smokery exhibition and taste the finished product with smoked salmon based in their nice coffee shop. Alternatively for tye more adventurous try Sea Fishing on the west coast with Blue Fin Chrters based out of Dunstaffanage Marina they have had some very successful seasons and trips in local water and  boats can be arranged to track down deep sea fish.


As you see it, West Highland is full of funny activities to do with family, at just few miles from The Isle of Eriska hotel. Whether sporting, educational, creative or  gourmet ?  What activity will you choose ? Make your choice and enjoy Scoltand ! 

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The Waverley Comes to Oban - June 2016

Posted by Elizabeth Todd on Jun 3, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Each year, either late May or beginning of June, Oban plays host to the World’s Last Seagoing Paddle Steamer - The Waverley.

Unfortunately our pontoon, isn’t quite big enough to welcome the Waverley, however many of our guests make the Floating_Pontoon.jpgjourney into Oban to take a brief look at her, and some even make a day or an evening of it and head on board for one of the sailings.

Some of you might be familiar with Sir Walter Scott’s first novel - which the PS Waverley was named after. Since its maiden voyage in 1947, through the end of her working life in 1975, and to date, many people of all ages are still fascinated and book to experience a trip on the Waverley each year - a popular draw for our guests is to explore the western isles during the summer months.

If you’d like to experience a trip on the Waverley, view all scheduled sailings and click here to book.

We’re hoping the weather will stay with us and catch some great sunset images of the Waverley in Oban!

Planning to experience trips on the Waverley this year? We’d love to see your photos - comment below! We’ll do our best to provide some over on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Our Head Chef and Oban's Festival of the Seas - May 2016

Posted by Elizabeth Todd on Jun 2, 2016 7:00:00 PM

Eriska_Head_Chef_-_Oban_Festival_of_the_Seas.jpgLate last month, our Head Chef, Paul Leonard, took part in Oban’s Festival of the Seas in conjunction with the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS).

The Festival of the Seas has been running for a number of years, bringing together marine science experts, food experts and the general public to explore and appreciate what we have on our doorstep.

The festival set out a number of key objectives including:

  • Raising awareness of the Oban area as a destination for marine research and education, seafood and marine tourism
  • To promote healthy living options provided by seafood and marine sports
  • To increase awareness of the importance of healthy seas for human well-being

On Sunday 29th May, Paul had the weather on his side as he demonstrated, Oban_Festival_of_the_Seas_2016.jpgoutside in the centre of Oban, the variety of different ways to prepare, and of course enjoy, oysters.

Paul certainly had a great audience, and even a slightly unusual member of the crowd…

We have to agree that the best bit, is definitely trying out ourselves!

Watch this space for further cooking demonstrations and events our kitchen team will be involved in throughout the year!

First cuckoo of the year marks start of 42nd year!

Posted by Professor Verona Gayle on May 31, 2016 6:31:18 PM

Sumer is icumen in lhude sing cuccu

Last evening as I walked towards the hotel from Lymphoy I heard my first cuckoo call of 2016. I remember the first lines of the poem ‘Summer is a coming in, loud sing cuckoo’. The more literary readers will be able to correct me but I think it is the first poem in the Oxford Book of English Verse.

Chrysococcyx_maculatus_-_Khao_Yai.jpgHistorically the call of the cuckoo has been considered to herald the start of summer. St Tiburtius Day the 14th April was the famed day when we would hear the first cuckoo. The earliest report of a cuckoo this year was in the Gower in South Wales on the 12th January. It was far too early for cuckoos to have returned as they had not yet started their long journey from Africa. It is most likely to have been the call of a collared dove which can sound very similar to a cuckoo particularly if the sound is unfamiliar.

Summer might have come in, and the last few days have been perfect. Warm sun and clear blue skies have been complemented with a slightly cooling wind that provides a good defence against the midges! The forecast for the next five days is similarly good. The cloud-free skies should provide excellent star gazing tonight even with the naked eye. Jupiter will be the first heavenly body to appear this evening. Looking south from the hotel it will be possible to see the two bright diamonds Vega and Arcturus. If we can stay up late enough we will see Deneb and Altair. Along with Vega they make up the ‘summer triangle’.

A couple of the ultra-long-range forecasts for the summer look especially promising, but we probably all remember the ‘barbecue summer’ predictions. People used to say “never cast a clout till May be out.” I thought that meant never cast aside warm clothing until the month of May is over. But a while ago I was informed that the saying might refer to the flowering of the May tree (which we know more commonly as the Hawthorn). Shakespeare reminds us that rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, and that we should book our hotel accommodation early because summer's lease hath all too short a date. Perhaps the two real signs of summer were having lunch on The Deck and pre-dinner drinks outside.

Codicil: Mrs B reminded me that today is the 42nd anniversary of the hotel opening!

Coral Reefs near the Isle of Eriska

Posted by Elizabeth Todd on May 30, 2016 6:30:00 PM

Some of our readers may have recently read the recent news that 35% of the coral in the Great Barrier Reef is now dead following mass bleaching - one of the worst to have hit a world heritage site.

With this in mind, and the recent Festival of the Seas that took place in and around Oban over the last few days in image_preview.jpgconjunction with the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS), we did further research into the coral reef on our doorstep!

Many guests and visitors to the area, are not aware that Loch Creran, just where we are situated, is home to the most notable site in Europe for serpulid reefs.

Loch Creran is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and is protected under the European Habitats Directive as it contains habitats that are rare, vulnerable or endangered in the European Community.

Where can you find these reefs?

The reefs in Loch Creran, can be found around the edge of the loch in depths of around 6 - 13 metres. First reporting of these reefs date as far back as 1882 and to date, have been calculated to cover around 108 hectares!

What can you expect to find in these reefs?

Expect to find hermit crabs, squat lobsters, feather stars, starfish, whelks, crabs, fish, prawns and sponges. Plus much more!

We’re looking forward to working closely with SAMs and other conservation bodies, to ensure that the reef in Loch Creran is protected and continues to prosper for many years to come - as we do our best to protect our island and surrounding area.


The Eriska Garden starts producing!

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on May 26, 2016 11:55:48 AM

There is that old saying that if you wait for a bus for long enough then suddenly three come along at once and so it seems with the Eriska Garden although unlike bus timetables I suspect nature is even more unpredicatble and fickle. The good news from our side is that providing we get our planning right and the kicthen are kept up to date with all the opportunities then we can simply divert attention from suppliers to our own produce however the balance seems to be between tiem allocatedfor harvesting and sowing for now with a little bit of garden maintenace and weeding in amongst this!

veg_patch-resized-600.jpgSo after a slow start to the season when even those seeds in the greenhouse struggled to survive - the warmth is certainly here and is helping the growing and cultivation and as douggie tried to explain to me teh long days with sunshine can do noting but encorage teh photosynthesis that is essential in a garden. We have gone from a few radish and forced rhubarb to full baskets of herbs, flowers and vegetables arriving on a daily basis.

The juicer is at full capacity mulching down the watercress, wild garlic and other herbs to make oils and potions for use in the winter and the sinks are full of leaves being washed and prepared. Last week we even had the ultimate compliment when one of our foraging suppliers came to the kitchen and offered to swap items so he could refill his van for his next stop- tempting but these are very much our ingredients for use by Paul and his team in the Eriska Restaurants whether in the fine dining Main Diningroom or accross in the more informal Deck Brasserie where we are combining some of the wonderful seafood we have delivered with our natural larder.watering_can.jpeg

Douggies Gardening prowess does not stop in the small kitchen garden but now reaches into the herb gardens by Lilac and most importantly the relatively new garden out by the sports facility. This structure gives it shelter from thr morning frost and warmth from the evening sun- the perfect combination-  and having been full of potatoes last year we hope the soil will be starting to recover from 30 years as a cows pasture field and will start to help us with our vegetables.  This was in fact the original kitchen garden used back in 1900 when the house would have had to produce the majority of the ingredients for the kitchen during the sumer when the island was occupied. 9Just dont tell douggie that there was ateam of 10 working then).

Whilst we are led to beleive that the Victorians ate heartily - evidence does not show that they enjoyed "Five a day" that we are promised although they did grow pears, apples and even pineapples back then but it has to be said that Sir Ian Clark Hutchison, who lived here then,  always admitted that they were "Quite" Sour- maybe photsynthesis was limted then too!!!


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Eriska Wine event opens new boundaries

Posted by Robyn Craig on Mar 13, 2016 7:59:05 PM

red_wine-resized-600.jpgWell it was that time of year again; last week we hosted our annual Spring Wine Tasting!  This year the event was hosted by our very own Master Sommelier Edouard with wines matched to the menucreated by head Chef Paul.  The result: a sumptuous dining experience for our guests introducing a range of biodynamic and classic wines.

Eriska’s Master Sommelier

Edouard was brought up in the Loire Valley, France and was introduced into the art of wine making and tasting by his Uncle at an early age. Since then his passion for wine has taken red_wine-resized-600.jpghim across the globe to renowned vineyards and luxury hotels.  In  2011 Edouard achieved the highest honour in the industry joining the oenological elite by becoming a Master Sommelier and in the same year  winning the prestigious Laurent Perrier Cuvee Grand Siecle Cup .

Edouard Oger MS is a wine expert and qualified taster, offering the highest level of proficiency and knowledge regarding wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages. Who better to introduce classic wines from across the globe that highlight the quality of biodynamic winemaking!


Wine Choice - Why Biodynamic and Classic Wines?

Biodynamic farming and wine growing is all about working in harmony with the land to create great produce while ensuring minimal environmental impact:  Something that resonates with us at Eriska!  Added to the mix was a selection of classic wines showing traditional elegance, we hope you agree that again there may be a little crossover here. 


The Dinner

For those of you not lucky enough to join us on the evening below is a little taste of the food and wine on show:

The evening began with some surprising fizz over canapes as guests were warmly welcomed by Edouard and, Eriska owner, Beppo Buchanan-Smith.


Poiré de Poiriers Anciens Sur Granite Grand Cru 2014  Eric Bordelet


Mosel Riesling Kabinett 2013

Willi Schaefer, Graacher Domprobst

Served with Roasted Duck Liver, Rhubarb and Ginger

 The Riesling grape is probably one the best varietal out there to complement Duck Liver as it combains richness and sweetness but it also has a natural acidity which cut through the heavy structure of the Liver.


Weinland Grüner Veltliner & Welshriesling 2014

Gut Oggau, Theodora

 Served with Hand Dived Orkney Scallop, Pickled Beach Vegetables

 This particular wine was all about being super mineraly, zesty and a slightly exotic which was fantastic with the Scallop and these citrussy/exotic flavours also matched the crunchy zestiness of the pickled vegetables. 

Marsannay 2013

Domaine Louis Latour

 Served with Crapaudine Beetroot, Sheep’s Yoghurt, Smoked Cods Roe

 That Burgundian Pinot Noir was a very good complement to the beetroot dish, as we were playing around with the same textures and flavours. We also thought that as the Crapaudine was a French varietal, we then therefore should keep it classic with a Pinot from the same country.  

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2013

Emidio Pepe

 Served with Peterhead Landed Brill, Garden Alliums

 It is most likely one the best dry white from Italy! This wine was rich, complex, intense but yet so clean and mineraly. Perfect to complement to meatyness coming from the Brill and Alliums were so refreshing which made this wine even leaner.  

Craggy Range Sophia Merlot & Cabernets 2011

Gimblett Gravels

 Served with Sirloin of Scotch Beef, Sand Carrot, Brassicas

 A super classic combination with the Beef dish. This Bordeaux blend had a very intense nose but the palate was so smooth, elegant and rich but not over extracted in any way. It also had a slight touch of earthiness which was lovely with the sand Carrot and the Brassica Leaves.

  Condrieu 2012

Domaine Vidal-Fleury

 Served with Mull Cheddar, Salt Baked Pear, Digestive

For a change a dry Viognier made in the Rhone Valley was served with the cheese course. Absolutely superb together as the Mull Cheddar was accompanied with some baked Pears which brought an element of freshness, creaminess and sweetness to this dish, flavours and textures that we were also getting in that dry white wine.

 Jurancon 2013

Domaine de Souch, Cuvée de Marie-Kattalin

Served with Lemon Meringue Pie, Eriska’s Wooden Sorrel

 This sweet wine is not considered as being one of the best pudding wine in the world for nothing! It had some much complexity, richness and sweetness but it was also so incredibly clean at the same time. Superb zesty natural acidity which was a great complement to the Lemon Pie as expected.

 Port Late Bottled Vintage 2008


 Served with Caramel Chocolate Parfait, Cocoa Nibs, Salted Caramel


Very well crafted LBV Port made by Fonseca which was lovely complement to this dessert course, as we were once again playing with the same structures and flavours. This wine was indeed fruity and also slightly chocolaty, caramel and a hint of coffee and was therefore greatly appreciated with the Parfait



 If we were to pick a highlight from the evening then the Trebbiano made by Emidio Pepe in Italy would be a stand out contender. Initially some of our guests were a little bit puzzled trying th wine on its own, but they all changed their minds when enjoying it with the Brill and Alliums. It was purely perfect, as both wine and dish really helped each other and created a fabulous experience.




Come join us for our

Winter Wine Weekend 2016

Enquire Now





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Easter in Oban - 27th March

Posted by Robyn Craig on Feb 16, 2016 12:00:00 PM

 Easter Offerings

March marks the start of Spring, no other season brings the feeling of new life and rejuvenation on the west coast. There are flowers starting to bloom, lambs beginning to grace the fields and the excitement of summer in the air.

Here at the Isle of Eriska we love Easter time, the school break and we are bdd428a230ce6155fa4cf3f5a5ec2e05.jpgdelighted to welcome back couples and families to the West Coast and our 5 star luxury island retreat. Being on the west coast it is a great time for everyone to get outside to the great outdoors.

Not to miss this Easter;

  1. The Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary in Oban is hosting its annual Easter Fun Day on the 27th of March. It is Oban's biggest Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt and there is a fun assortment of Easter crafts and activities for the whole family to enjoy, as well as talks and feeding displays.
  2. Chocolate work shop for the kids – The award winning Oban Chocolate Co. opens its doors to its factory and under supervision, kids can make their very own Belgian chocolate for their parents (or themselves!)

 Eriska’s Easter offerings;

  • Our Chef Paul Leonard has been out foraging around the Island for wild foods, and alongside our gardener Dougie, they are already in the garden seeding everything in preparation for spring with the greenhouse bursting in anticipation of our seasonal spring menu.
  • The Stables Spa offering ESPA and ISHGA products is well worth a visit. Hotel and local guests to the west coast are welcome to enjoy the comforts of the Spa, a range of treatments are on offer followed by a light lunch.Eriska_food.jpgEriska_Spring_Food.jpg
  • With a range of mouth-watering seasonal dishes, Easter is a delicious time to come and stay at the Isle of Eriska. We cater for everyone in our New Deck restaurant and restaurant offering a seasonal Tasting Menu and Restaurant Menu, children are treated to High Tea and room service is ready available, to ensure that the whole family gets the Easter break they deserve.

Eriska is still offering winter rates Dinner, Bed and Breakfast starting from *£333.00 in March and we hope we can welcome you to the West Coast the for Easter weekend for further information

please do not heistate to contact the reception team at office@eriska-hotel.co.uk.

Book Now

 *subject to terms and conditions

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West Coast Self-Catering

Posted by Robyn Craig on Feb 3, 2016 6:25:54 PM


Arnott's House

 On The Isle of Eriska

 We wanted to create a true Scottish Self Catering accommodation unit whilst at the same time retain the ease of access to the spa, leisure and dining facilities of the main house and hotel.

Since opening in 201, Arnott's House has become popular for friends and families to enjoy the Oban area and luxury island, offering guests a unique self- catering experience on Eriska - on your own private island on the westcoast of Scotland.



Throughout the main season it is let on a weekly basis to for up to 6 guests, offering a real retreat and escape.arnotts-house-isle-of-eriska-benderloch-terrace-view.jpg

Arnott’s house was built in 1850 and was named after Arnot the redoubtable butler of the Clark Huchiesons who owned Eriska through the turn of last century. The traditional stone built farm house has been refurbished and offers guests privacy and access to the Isle of Eriska estate.

The spacious 3-bedroom self-catering Arnott’s house is located on the secluded east side of the Island, 50 metres above Loch Creran and enjoys magnificent views toward Ben Cruachan. Inside the house guests are welcomed by a modern living space spread over two floors, three en-suite bedrooms and conservatory face over the beautiful view of Loch Creran. The living area benefits from dual aspect views and a conservatory that catches the light from the east and offers a wonderful bright and airy space overlooking the garden

A fully equipped modern kitchen is situated at the back of the property looking out to the private grounds of the house, perfect for watching for your friends and family returning from their private path down to the tidal stoney beach at loch Creran. Outside of the house, there is a covered boot room and drying area, whilst adjacent to the conservatory lies a large six person outdoor hot tub perfect as you soak up the magnificent views overlooking the surrounding mountains and islands. Eriska itself is a 300 acre paradise for those simply wishing to wander. It is easy to do simply walk till you meet the sea or partcipate in a range of activities, alternatively for those wishing to relax guests are welcome to use the Stables Spa and there 17 meter pool, sauna, steam room and Spa pool or why not treat yourself to a Rasul Mud Treatment.


Arnott’s house although fully equipped as a self-catering property guests can also experience food from our Michelin Starred Kitchen, we can arrange a simple supper in Arnott’s house, relaxed dining for lunch and/or early dinner in our new Deck restaurant, for a grander affair a reservation at the main hotel restaurant where guests can choose from our seasonal dinner menu or tasting menu. The house is a perfect base.


Enquire Now  


Call us on 01631 720371 or email office@eriska-hotel.co.uk for further information and to book. 


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Scotland's Snow Season

Posted by Robyn Craig on Jan 9, 2016 5:19:00 PM


Happy New Year from us all at the Isle of Eriska, we are looking forward to the start of the snow season, Glencoe Ski slope is a perfect day for beginners to experienced skiers, snowboarders and extreme sledging.



Glencoe Mountain Resort originally known as White Corries is Scotland’s original ski centre dating back to 1956. Glencoe extends over 200 hectares and operates on the Meall A’Bhuiridh Massif situated in the south end overlooking Rannoch Moor of the Glencoe valley and is a stunning locations offering fantastic skiing and snowboarding boarding for all levels.

The ski area has seven lifts on Meall a’ Bhuiridh which serve a variety of 19 ski runs. Glencoe is by no means the largest ski centre in Scotland, but it's still a firm favourite with many Scottish skiers and boarders thanks to its unique and exhilarating terrain, and a snow holding record second to none.




So what has Glencoe Ski Slope got to offer?



  • 30th Jan 2016- Glencoe Mountain Rail Jam
  • 19th & 20th March 2016 – Scottish Snow Festival
  • 20th March – Junior Coe Cup
  •  2nd & 3rd April – Coe Cup FreeRide World Tour 1* Qualifier

Runs: Four Green, Five Blue, Six Red and One Black, watch out for "Fly Paper" the Steepest run in Britain

Head down the Main Basin and into the Canyon, you'll pop out under the Cliff Hanger Chair, which usually has a fun gully to air out of. Keep your speed up and ride across the Plateau to the top of the Access Chair. If there's sufficient snow you can ride all the way to the car park – keep to the left of the chair for some of the best open off-piste runs in Scotland”

 Scott McMorris, Oakley snow team manager

The Guardian

Eriska's Snow Season Rates



Starting from £166.50 per person 

Friday the 29th of January for two nights £166.50 per person, per night perfect for guests who looking for a day on the slopes followed by relaxation in the Spa.

Alternatively why not treat you and your special someone to a night away in Eriska’s Hilltop Reserves, views over the Snow-capped mountains, private hot tub and use of the leisure facilities.



*full pre-payment required at time of booking

Call us on 01631 720371 or email office@eriska-hotel.co.uk for further information and to book. 


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