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West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 24th August

Posted by Bertie Badger on Aug 24, 2014 3:08:00 PM

Over the last few weeks, the luscious green flora in and around Scotland's West Coast has began to show signs of age, with subtle hints of auburn weaving themselves into the surrounding colour spectrum and indicating the much dreaded end to a great Scottish summer.


With the hints of another cold Scottish winter looming over our heads, Scottish natives have entered into a stage of denial that luckily seems to fit perfectly with this weeks weather forecast:

Today: Bright skies with a subtle breeze. Things look to remain calm and dry for the rest of the day.

Monday: Another bright and sunny day ahead, with moderate eastern winds creating a chill.

Tuesday: Predicted to be another sunny day, with some cloud forming in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Plenty of sunny spells in the morning and afternoon, becoming more sporadic as the day continues as more white cloud forms

Thursday: Things look to take a turn, with heavy rain showers dominating the day and brief patches of sunshine.

Friday: Looks to me mainly unchanged with more heavy rain showers and intermittent sunny spells.

Saturday: The week looks to end on a bit of a downer as more rain sweeps through the West Coast.

Though the end of the week looks less that ideal - unfortunately for those attending the Oban Games later in the week - we certainly have no lack of opportunity to make the most of the plethora of outdoor activities in the area. For those coming to visit this week, that are looking for things to do in oban, why not give some of the watersports and activities available in the area a try while enjoying the breathtaking scenery in the fines of the West Coast weather.