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Easter in Oban - 27th March

Posted by Robyn Craig on Feb 16, 2016 12:00:00 PM

 Easter Offerings

March marks the start of Spring, no other season brings the feeling of new life and rejuvenation on the west coast. There are flowers starting to bloom, lambs beginning to grace the fields and the excitement of summer in the air.

Here at the Isle of Eriska we love Easter time, the school break and we are bdd428a230ce6155fa4cf3f5a5ec2e05.jpgdelighted to welcome back couples and families to the West Coast and our 5 star luxury island retreat. Being on the west coast it is a great time for everyone to get outside to the great outdoors.

Not to miss this Easter;

  1. The Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary in Oban is hosting its annual Easter Fun Day on the 27th of March. It is Oban's biggest Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt and there is a fun assortment of Easter crafts and activities for the whole family to enjoy, as well as talks and feeding displays.
  2. Chocolate work shop for the kids – The award winning Oban Chocolate Co. opens its doors to its factory and under supervision, kids can make their very own Belgian chocolate for their parents (or themselves!)

 Eriska’s Easter offerings;

  • Our Chef Paul Leonard has been out foraging around the Island for wild foods, and alongside our gardener Dougie, they are already in the garden seeding everything in preparation for spring with the greenhouse bursting in anticipation of our seasonal spring menu.
  • The Stables Spa offering ESPA and ISHGA products is well worth a visit. Hotel and local guests to the west coast are welcome to enjoy the comforts of the Spa, a range of treatments are on offer followed by a light lunch.Eriska_food.jpgEriska_Spring_Food.jpg
  • With a range of mouth-watering seasonal dishes, Easter is a delicious time to come and stay at the Isle of Eriska. We cater for everyone in our New Deck restaurant and restaurant offering a seasonal Tasting Menu and Restaurant Menu, children are treated to High Tea and room service is ready available, to ensure that the whole family gets the Easter break they deserve.

Eriska is still offering winter rates Dinner, Bed and Breakfast starting from *£333.00 in March and we hope we can welcome you to the West Coast the for Easter weekend for further information

please do not heistate to contact the reception team at office@eriska-hotel.co.uk.

Book Now

 *subject to terms and conditions

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Eriska's Hilltop Reserves

Posted by Bertie Badger on Jul 6, 2014 3:40:00 PM

Without further ado...Eriska Hilltop Reserve

After what seemed like endless work, we here at the Isle of Eriska are proud to announce the completion of the Island's newest feature: two Hilltop Reserves

From Summer 2013, Eriska has been carefully executing plans to add two new self catering lodges onto the Island to offer guests a new type of escape on our luxurious Scottish Island

Witness our progress over the last year, with our Hilltop scrapbook; documenting the creation of the Hilltop Reserves from start to finish:

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New Year at Eriska 2013

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Dec 6, 2013 6:37:00 PM

A Truly Scottish New Year is as traditional as Turkey at Christmas.


snowdrops resized 600

For 20 years we closed Eriska at the end of the summer season and hibernated until the snow drops and daffodils had arrived before Easter. Then all changed in 1993 when we decided to open through the winter and this allowed us to extend into the festive period. It is no secret how perfect Eriska can be at Christmas and it certainly remains one of my favorite times.

However as I sit here today writing out to those joining us over the festive period my mind also tends to wander towards New Year.

I would not be the first to point out that I am not great at Christmas "Good Cheer and merriment" and feel that it has become a bit more commercial than seems necessary - a bit ironic for a hotelier enjoying additional holidays by our guests - but the reasons for Christmas seems to be lost in the consumerism. Not just because if I am in the hotel there can be no family arguments with me at home but really because Eriska - the house - lends itself to that wonderful atmosphere at a houseparty.

Scrooge, bah humbug!
As guests cross the bridge the world stops and worries and plights can be left at the gate, the newspapers seem to dwindle and television becomes full of annual wonderful films and shows which disregard the 24 hour news updates.

New Year however is much more brazen as simply being a time to reflect on years gone by and the last in particular and time to look forward and especially to 2014. Whilst the majority of us will all make ourselves promises - resolutions- we will fairly instantly break at least we have thought forward and even thought forward into the distant future and this can only be positive. On this note it soon becomes clear to me why Eriska is an ideal place for this reflection and contemplation. Those with little to worry about can indulge in enjoyment and those with much to consider can use activities and entertainment to raise their heads and escape the pressures. So whilst it is a full list of activities we plan it is enhanced by the early onset of night, the roaring log fires, the wonderful food and hopefully lengthy peaceful nights sleep, this interjected by the activities, newspapers and supporting weather makes it ideal - so what is planned for New Year 2013/2014.

Well after a hectic frantic Christmas week guest will arrive on the Sunday afternoon and hopefully by 6pm we will be able to hoist the drawbridge and start our festivities. The first evening is always a chance for auld acquaintances to recapture memories and for new visitors to bed into the house and settle in. On Monday we will spend the day catching up and relaxing with an afternoon Triathalon for those who remain energetic or those looking to work off Christmas Pudding- although in reality it remains a simple and fun afternoon of activites with something for everyone.

piper resized 600

Then on Tuesday- Hogmanay- we always reflect on the year gone by with a grand quiz of the year and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate then a treasure hunt round the island to allow further exploration and work up an appetite for the wonderful Dinner Ross has planned taking us up to the bells. Traditionally we have  a piper to join us before 12 with a piped eightsome- the last of 2013 and then the bells. Over the years we have been early , late and even on time but in reality it makes little difference as nobody outside the building needs to know although as we open the curtains at 12 it is always nice to hear the horns and sirens drifting across the water from Oban - although occasionally it  can be drowned out by the howling wind or driving rain.

winter golf

Then Wednesday is the first day of a New Year, a slower start with a Champagne Brunch all morning or however long guests want although some seem keen to start the New Year and others prefer slightly less gusto on the morning after! Then at One we start the first Eriska Golf Championship which is traditionally run whatever the weather and certainly need more good humour and enthusiasm than expertise although we can be guaranteed great competition for the wonderful prizes! 

Then more relaxation before the Dinner Dance and Paddy Shaw and his band whirl away the cobwebs and start 2014 in style.

Previously we used to make this the last day of New Year but as we get another days holiday in Scotland  and guest found it hard fining petrol and stops on the way home we thought it was best to make the most of it and on Thursday we have a quiet day of refection with a traditional lunch of Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding and an afternoon of Egyptian PT ( a term handed down through my family)egyptian pt resized 600 involving lying flat and still with your eyes closed for a couple of hours to recharge the batteries and insuring a full charge before the last dinner and departure on Friday morning making the weekend pass like a flash and all the resolutions still in tact or at least nearly.

So for those that thought we relaxed and do nothing all winter then think again and for those looking for a break with a difference then maybe Hogamnay at Eriska is worth considering!

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Taittinger Winter Wine Weekend

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Oct 23, 2013 9:17:00 AM

The essence of life is learning through enjoyment.

No place is this more prevalent than in our pursuit of further knowlege in the fields of wines and food - so what better way  to combine these two fascinating topics than by arranging a weekend of education her at Eriska. Or so we though back in 1993 when we first organised a Winter Wine Weekend. Back in those days we all had so much more time - and it could be argued a far greater thirst for knowledge that we used to run a three day weekend. Guests arrived on the Thursday in preparation for a full day in the kitchen. On the Friday our kitchen team would be joined by experts in their field to help explain and educate. One that sprung to mind was a Seafood and Chardonnay weekend when Andy Race- our fish merchant arrived- late on Thursday because in those days the market on Thursday night physically took place in Mallaig and he had to be there in person to examine, bid and purchase the fish.

On the Friday monring he simply brought in a huge box of mixed fish and with 20 guests sitting round, dressed in aprons and armed with knives he tallked through the box demonstrated how to identify, pick and select the best fish ( a lesson I still utilise) and how to prpeare it for the the kicthen with ease. This, as then, followed by working demonstrations and then the kitchen team took his work and helped show how it could be transformed. All sounded so simple but by the end of the day we had a great lunch and had some wonderful produce ready for dinner.

Then we are joined by some partners who could not escape for all three days and had a wonderful dinner focussing on the proiduce that had been prepared and with an introduction to winechardonnay resized 600s of the world all featuring the Chardonnay Grape.

On Saturday we had anther practical; day with a demonstartion and talk from Inverawe Smokehouse highlighting the skill involved in curing and smoking fish- a skill we then took even further when we opened our own smoker- and then after lunch it was out on the water- some went out with a prawn creeler, some went to a local Oyster Hatchery and farm and some simply wantered on the beach as part of a guided foraging tour.prawn fishing resized 600


This was all simply to build up an appetite for dinner which was proceeded by a tasting of Chardonnay wines from around the world highlighting the huge range of grapes and abilities to create a diverse yet wonderful product. Then for dinner, the kitchen having been slightly freer and less invaded by fishmongers and guests- created a wonderful gastronomic dinner which was matched by a variety of wines which complemented the palate.

A greta fun weeknd and everybody learnt something- some more than others but all had left their cares of the world behind and ultimately relaxed.

However those days have slightly slipped away.

Time has become even more valuable but our thirst for knowledge has not waned so we are delighted to be able to announce that we will be joined by Mark O'Bryen, Master of Wine and Taittinger Ambassador to the Uk for our Winter Wine weekend which takes place over the weekend of the 16th November. In order to offer complete flexibility we have restricted the main event to a Champagne Masterclass on the Saturday Afternoon - for those not intersted in the rugby internationals!- and havearranged a tutored tasting to accompany Rosses wonderful dinner. It will allow Mark to Showcase the rangeform tis great champagne house and really introduce it to novices whilst evolving experts palates to appreciate the finer details. Clearly it will give teh opportunity to showcse the range but I am certain that we wil eb able to slip in a glass of still wine to help tittivate the taste buds styill further.  

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Isle of Eriska - The ultimate wedding location....

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on Sep 7, 2013 10:36:00 PM

eriska wedding

Today we went to a wedding photo exhibition, and earlier this week we were featured in the Luxury Travel Blog as one of the Top 5 intimate wedding venues in Scotland - which is not without reason! Therefore what better to write about than the luxury and romance of an island wedding?

Placed on our own 300 acre private island, it could not get more idyllic, the hotel was built by the Stewards of Appin over 100 years ago, set in the typical baronial style of the time, inspired by the great architect Hippolyte Blanc, which is also known for his drawings of St. Cuthbert’s Church in Edinburgh and most of the restoration work on Edinburgh Castle. We are licensed for civil ceremonies for up to 120 guests or as few as 30, in the main house and outside in the garden. For a larger wedding, a luxurious marquee can be placed on the front lawn, just outside the hotel with views towards the pond.

Each room in the hotel is uniquely designed, with a contemporary dining room and library bar, the drawing room offers a spacious and relaxing atmosphere and a large traditional main hall with a roaring log fire. We have 25 contemporary, luxurious and individually designed rooms, spa suites and cottages, to suit all types of guests. Some say it's sometimes a bit like travelling, they find out something new every time they visit or they wish they could visit to explore each room!

Something for everyone...

Capturing the Moment

Weddings at Isle of EriskaWe were at the Oyster Inn in Connel today to take part in Wee Beauty Photography's 2nd year celebration and photo exhibition. With stunning pictures, video collage and procecco, we were shown the most beautiful moment after the other. Each picture showed how special the wedding is to the people and families involved, the fun, the nerves and expectations, and the exhilaration. If you get a chance have a look at their pictures online - they have something for every bride and groom's taste. 


Isle of Eriska - Unique and Private - Yet Accessible

The Isle of Eriska is located only 20 minutes from Oban and 2 hours from Glasgow International Airport, connected to the mainland by a small bridge. You can also arrive in style via helicopter on our lawn or seaplane at our pier.

The preparations

We often provide the coming bride and groom with local contacts to ensure everything is done perfect for the occasion. We personally recommend Premier Wedding Planners Scotland who will take care of all your wedding needs!

The local registrar can also be contacted on gemma.cummins@argyll-bute.gov.uk to check availability for the special day.

We can tailor the romantic wedding package for you at Eriska and offer different rates for the glorious summer or the winter wonderland wedding. You can enquire more about our wedding packages by clicking on the button underneath. 

Weddings at Eriska

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Messing around in Boats!

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on May 21, 2013 3:04:00 PM

As I stepped onto the platform this morning I wondered how many other commuters had experienced as enjoyable a Saturday as I had? On Friday night I had the good fortune to hear Jools Holland and his big band play in Perth. After the concert I drove across to Eriska. There was a thick dark blue band of light on the horizon even though it was close to midnight. The longest day is just around the corner and hopefully some better weather is on it way.


I arrived at Eriska around 2:00 am, and Beppo met me with the news that we would be leaving shortly after six. Moments after my eyelids closed it was time to get up. Our task was to pre-position Beppo's boat in the Clyde ready for racing over the Bank Holiday weekend.


Things were looking promising. Seona had arranged scrambled egg and bacon rolls and a suitably highly calorific picnic. The passage down toward the Crinan Canal was wonderful. A northerly wind pushed us down past Oban and on past Easdale and Seil. We had clear views of Ben More on Mull, and we speculated on the progess of the boats in the Scottish Islands Peak Race. The runners of the slower boats would have been on Ben More in the dark, but they all should have been well on their way to Jura to tackle the Paps.

 CorryvreckanA little later we passed Corryvreckan. I remembered that that George Orwell's brother-in-law is famed as the first man to swim the whirlpool. This is more of an achievement because he only had one leg. We arrived at the start of the lock system in relatively good time, although there was still a fair chance that we would not make it out the other end before the locks closed. Seona had come down to lend a hand and give us a lift back to Eriska. The lock system provides a critical safe passageway for boats to move between the west coast and the Clyde. As well as being a fantastic example of engineering, the canal is a very peaceful interlude between the rugged seascape of the west coast and the wide estuarial waters of the post-industrial Clyde.crinan canal resized 600


In my view the west coast provides the most amazing yacht cruising of anywhere in Britain, but the Clyde is a close second. Therefore to be able to link both of these areas up in a single day trip is especially appealing. I always find the seaward approach to Eriska very dramatic. If you are ever leaving by boat and going south, take a glance over your shoulder and you will get a unique glimpse of the Baronial elegance of the main house. Using the canal makes a trip to Eriska for dinner followed by a return passage home the next day a viable, and very attractive, possibility for Clyde-based yacht owners.


Vernon Gayle

Guest Blogger


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Perfect Scottish Honeymoon Destination

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on May 10, 2013 11:52:00 AM

This week I have been in London working with our sales team helping to - or at least hoping to - spread the word about Eriska to potential visitors. Its amazing the even after 40 years how many people who have been in the travel trade still have never heard of Eriska, been to the west coast of Scotland or even been north of Hadrians Wall so I have been trying to do my wee bit for us all.

However I am often confronted by the question about who our typical guest is and what they normally do and whilst this is an easy answer to reach as I am never short of suggestions for guests it is also very difficult as we have no "typical" Guest as every one is different and each market place is so different. However in truth - whilst each visitor to Eriska may be here for a different reason and they partake in a huge variety of activities or even inactivities the majority do come for relaxation and recuperation, hoping to leave us less tired, stressed and harassed than when they arrived.

However when I got back I had a brief look round the dining room- if only to satisfy myself that my answer earlier about the ecclectic clientele was correct- but it soon became clearly that a trend is emerging which I was previously unaware of- Eriska is the Perfect Scottish Honeymoon Destination. However given it was a English Bank Holiday and the fact that just over two years ago there was a Royal Wedding- I should maybe not have been surprised to see the number of honeymoon couples in the dining room- almost half.

Eriska SunsetHowever whilst this shows a new trend, and on the face of it it should make our lives simple it is far from simple as the age groups vary- the level of activities enjoyed varies and this simply enures that we need to treat each couple individually and tailor their breaks to ther needs or simply insure that they have nothing arranged and are simply free to enjoy the island and their first few days of married life- and recuoperate for what may have been the most stressful day of their life so far!

It is our role at Eriska to create an atmosphere in which couples enjoy a unique private celebration marking the start of your marriage the most distinctive experience that will stay a treasured memory forever. Honeymoons should be unique- most only ever have one and therefore most people have no first hand experiece of what to expect but probably also have lots of expectation!

Whether the package includes all the cliched  bottle of champagne awaiting their arrival, a romantic room service dinner and a relaxing couples full-body massage at our ESPA spa or simply a clear diary and no plans we can adapt and change . Honeymooners can indulge in the lavish luxury of a traditional country manor or the idyllic woodland privacy of our luxury outdoor spa suites, complete with private garden and Jacuzzi. But in short they create their perfect experience from our range of sporting activities, exceptional spa treatments and services, and award-winning culinary menus. Unwind in the comfort of our hotel and enjoy a romantic daytime stroll on our grounds taking in the breathe taking mountainous scenery, or romantic evening wander absorbing the star-bound sky.

The experiences are endless, we have however had to offer special honeymoon packages simply to give ideas to guest of what we can do although in reality most create a package having discussed it with the team at Eriska. Anyway its really rewarding to the team to be able to make a mark on couples first few days of married life and gives a real sense of purpose when we see then start to relax and unwind and then enjoy all that Eriska has to offer

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5 Star Easter Holiday Ideas

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Mar 15, 2013 10:40:00 AM

In an era when millions of people watched the announcement of a new Pope we could be persuaded that religion is and important part of most peoples daily life.

If this were really the case then I am sure that our reaction and plans for Christmas and Easter would be centered round the religious festivals and not around the fact that we could all take a well earned break form the normal daily chores and life at work. However to assume that this has been a sudden change in life would probably be incorrect as it has been a gradual eroding of religions influence over many years.

Much of this is down to how many families have changed attitudes and how it is passed down through generations. I am sure that having been born to a family with  a minister as a father many would assume that religious festivals would all be observed to the letter but as a child Easter did coincide with the annual opening of the hotel and this clash had only one winner in that my Brother and I were always farmed out to our Grandmothers- under the aupices of it being part of the Easter tradition, when in reality it was to allow our parents to open the hotel unhindered and free from two screaming childrens interference.

Pulpit Hill Oban resized 600

Yes we climbed Pulpit Hill- in Oban- on Easter Sunday morning before breakfast to hear the service from the local minister before descending for breakfast and chocolate eggs, yes the story of the crucification was evident in the service and discussions with our grandmother but all that time our parents were busy serving breakfast to a full house of guests and keeping the hotel in operation.

However times do change- in those days Easter was one of the "special" times of the year, rates were at peak season levels and the whole week was full of the same guests returning and enjoying the first signs of spring and as today the opportunity for a break form normal life.

But now - gone are the days of the house being booked for a week with everybody arriving on Easter Friday and leaving the following week, now a short if slightly extended weekend break is the most that 

Indoor Sports Hall

many guests can afford in terms of time out of the office. Others take the opportunity to take three days away midweek and avoid the bank holiday distractions and with this change so have we. We now offer special three day rates which run not only mid week but also over the Easter period to allow a reason to come to Eriska.

Gone are the days of guests trudging back inside soaked from a day out on the island as now the temptations of the swimming pool and indoor facilities insure that children both you and old can be continually amused and exhausted. Whilst our Easter Egg painting and then rolling competition may have gone by the ways side we can direct guests to the local egg hunt on the Sunday afternoon and we will still be serving Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cake for  afternoon tea and I am sure there will still be plenty of chocolate Eggs to over indulge on.

Whilst my mother no longer makes posies for the guests ( I remember sitting at a kitchen table helping collate these late on a Saturday night when I was old enough not to interfere in the hotel reopening!) there will be a plenty of daffodils in the grounds this year given the mild spring we have enjoyed.

So even with Easter being earlier than usual there remains pelnty of reason to come and whether guests celebrate the religious angle or simply wish to escape normal life ther will be plenty to enjoy here at Eriska April 3 Day Rates

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Private Island House Party

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Feb 27, 2013 9:01:00 PM

Living on a private island can be seen by many as a dream.

Whilst the reality can be somewhat different it does have many advantages too. Having been brought up on Eriska I naturally thought, if naively,  that all children grew up with a 300 acre play ground at the back door with endless tracks and trails to investigate and no boundaries other than the tideline. However I eventually realised that this is not always the case for others and how lucky and fortunate I was in my childhood.

Eriska,  the house itself,  was built just over one hundered years ago and in truth was true was at its height in the early part of last century when every year in the summer it was a constant house party with visitors dropping by from both land and sea to join the Clark Hutchiesons in their summer retreat.Eriska Ex view resized 600

Those days have gone now and whilst Eriska remains a wonderul retreat and is a combination of a hotel and country house it is only really when it is booked as a private house for a weekend that it returns to what it must have been like in its hay day as a private house. Whilst we do not have Arnott the redoubtable butler nor the steam yacht moored off the peir we can still create a wonderful setting for a unique occasion. I always stress that Eriska is a combination of three factors- the place, the team who work here and those who choose to stay with us.

This could be no more true than when we have a private party taking the island.

So it was this weekend as we held a joint birthday celebration over three days, golf competitions, masked cocktail reception, reels in the drawing room, tennis challenges and many other activities filled the days but above all Eriska became a private exclusive retreat for three days for the guests and whilst I always love Christmas becasue the world outside seems to dissappear and newspapers and news takes a back seat so it was this weekend with celebration and enjoyment firmly in the front seat.

Masked Ball at Eriska

For three days the house was someone elses, meals were organised at times which fitted their programme (mostly round international rugby matches), menus were written to include many of the guetss favourites and activities arranged to allow the birthday guest to at least be victorious on their special day. In truth whilst a change and sometime slightly alien to our normal operation it was wonderful to see the house full of so much fun and enjoyment and in essence seeing it being used in all its glory and in the way it was designed from the outset. 

So now - as our guest leave down the drive and return to every day life we too must return to normality and get back to being a country house and hotel! However we have now resolved that we must try and do it more often and will offer Eriska as  a private venue again in the autumn.

Indeed we have set some dates in December aside for such an occassion and  unlike some of our collegues who would charge a supplement for an exlcusive use venue, we will offer a reduction on our normal charges if guests wish to take the whole island and return it to its rightful role as a private escape desitination. So in December for one weekend we will be offering the Island for exclusive use at the rate of £16,000 for two nights dinner bed and breakfast for up to 50 guests. For more information please contact us an we can put together a program for you.

Eriska- Exclusively yours 13/14th December

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Story of a West Coast Island Hotel

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Feb 12, 2013 8:31:00 PM

As we begin another year- our 40th here at Eriska, we also close one behind us.  

Its time  to get all the data to the accountants, some of this is easily collected by simply pushing buttons, others is collected by sending team members off into dark stores to count bottles or into the fridges to weigh and measure. However the most difficulty and challenging tasks are always left to me it would seem, whether that be counting books, and brochures or explaining anomalies-

1185 Donkey in retirement Argyll  MEDIUM resized 600

One year I was left explaining how we had valued two donkeys at £50 when this was clearly not market value - how the accountant knew any better I am not sure but clearly my father had made a guess -all be it educated- and then this figure had simply never been challenged - over the years we had looked after many donkeys and never really counted them on or off the balance sheet but on this occasion we had an over officious accountant who wanted proof and evidence- evidence was easy pictures and bruises to the golf course accounted for their existence but but evidence of a valuation plucked from the air was more difficult to fabricate so we had them removed from the paperwork- probably at a loss! 

Anyway this week has been spent counting brochures- every time we reprint I always believe that this will be the last edition as the internet takes over and then the panic sets in as we reach the last box and decide we better reprint and off we go again. The hard decision however comes when we do have one box left and the new edition arrives- do we use to less potential guests (insuring they will never be Eriska Guests!)  or throw away the old copies. Hopefully the better we get the less surplus copies will be left and we can simply phase out and phase in!

So with brochures counted the next chore was our eriska book. For many years we were asked and especially my father was asked to write a book about the hotel. Then as I began to notice his stories gaining legs and arms I too started calling for a definitive edition to be written down to stop exaggeration and bad memory lases filing the void. Eventually after much deliberation my father started writing "Eriska - the story of an island". In stead of concentrating on the hotel and his time here he chose to concentrate on the island. The first chapter was to cover the early years and years before we arrived - the second the years under my parents stewardship , the third the years under our joint control and finally a chapter on the flora and fauna.

describe the imageIn dividing the book in such a way he not only turned it into a far more interesting read but also forced us to realise that our time here is only a minimal impact on the islands history. This is especially pertinent as we move to become the family with the longest tenure of the island and indeed leads us to be reminded of my fathers credos -

We do not own the island but simply hold it in trust for others to come after us.  

The book whilst a guideline to keep my fathers stories on track was never seen by him before he passed away in 2005 but it has not only been a conceded reminder of him to us but also a great way of independently explaining to visitors and potential visitors about Eriska. We can stress and tell people that Eriska is more than a hotel or more than an island but when the visit or read the book they start to get the impression that it is simply Eriska a unique place- and for that reason above all whilst we strive to evolve and keep up with modern life we also protect the heart and soul of Eriska every day not for us but for those who will follow on.


Eriska- The Story of an Island

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