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Flawless Skin with Eriska

Posted by Claire Soulsby on May 24, 2015 4:50:55 PM

Flawless skin, we all want it and we can all achieve it.


We need to think about our home skincare routine, what we eat and how much sleep we get but they one thing we are encouraged to do is spa facials. We are encouraged within articles, blogs and even Instagram to visit spas for your facial every 6 weeks. It has been proven that a spa facials, the products we apply at home and our lifestyles will lead to glowing skin- not only on our face but bodies too!


Whichever facial you choose, you can expect all facials to include the basics of cleansing, toning and moisturising, achieved via creams, masks, serums, spritzers, tonics and oils. The difference between facials is the how and the how much of each you get!


Here at Stables Spa we offer a range of facials for all skin types and for the individual results you are looking for.


Our Express Facial – 30 minutes is an ideal booster for those short on time but want the burst of radiance, maybe to enhance your evening make up or for men a little refresh after shaving irritation.

Our Skin Specific Facial ideal for everyone. With this facial your therapist personalised the treatment based on an initial skin consultation. Your products and techniques are chosen and tailored for you.

Our Deluxe Facial with Firming Eye Treatment- Specifically designed for mature, dry or dehydrated skins, aimed at reviving the skin’s natural moisture. Dull, lifeless skin responds to intensive acupressure point massage and lymph drainage to the face, neck and shoulders and deeply relaxing Oriental Head Massage to the scalp and eye area bring harmony and tranquillity. The result is revitalised, nourished skin and a naturally enhanced sense of well-being.

Advanced Lifting and Firming Facial-Firming massage helps to release deep facial tension while naturally lifting and firming maturing, stressed or distressed skin. This therapeutic facial helps to lift and firm, leaving your skin nourished, hydrated, toned; bringing back forgotten freshness and long-term benefits to body and spirit. The Lifting and Firming Facial is more than a facial, it is a whole new experience.

Holistic Back, Face and Scalp Treatment An all-embracing treatment incorporating a full ESPA facial, with acupressure, face and head massage. The initial, deep cleansing back exfoliation is followed by an aromatic oil massage bringing powerful de-stressing benefits to mind and body.

ESPA_Spa_EriskaOur therapists will also consult products and home care advice to continue the results until your next specialist facial. So remember eat well, sleep well, have a good homecare routine and book your next facial with Stables Spa.

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British Tomato Week

Posted by Claire Soulsby on May 20, 2015 4:26:33 PM

This week in Britain is British Tomato Week, this week is used to highlight how within Britain we should be buying more of our local produce rather than the imported fruit and vegetables. Within the grounds of Eriska during the summer we grow our own tomatoes which can be enjoyed in our Michelin Starred Restaurant.

A classic cocktail made from tomatoes is a Bloody Mary, within Eriska we have our own twist on this

Bloody Mary: A Bloody Mary (or Virgin Mary) is quite often ordered as a pre-dinner drink. The recipe given should produce a nicely balanced drink, with a little peppery heat from the tabasco sauce, freshness from the lemon squeeze, and richness from the Tomato and Fermented Mushroom Puree, but many people will have a personal taste with regard to the amount of Tabasco used.

How to make the Eriska Bloody Mary:



1. 50 ml of Smirnoff Vodka

2. Bottle of Tomato Juice

3. 12.5ml of Fermented Mushroom Juice

5. 15ml of Lemon Juice

4. 7 Dashes of Tabasco Sauce

6. Fresh Black Pepper

7. Fresh Celeriac Leaves out of our garden



1. Combine all Ingrediants into a Cocktail Shaker

2. Add Ice into the Cocktail Shaker

3. Shake Cocktail Lightly

4. Strain into Highball Glass

5. Garnish with Fresh Celeriac Leaves


If you are interested in learning how to make more of our cocktails that we serve in Eriska sign up for a cocktail class by calling 01631 720 371 or email office@eriska-hotel.co.uk

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National Vegetarian Week

Posted by Claire Soulsby on May 17, 2015 8:45:00 PM

There are many different types of dietary requirements, this week is here to help us rase awareness for vegetarianism. When you come to Eriska our Michelin Starred chefs can customise the menu simply for your requirements. 


Within the grounds of the Isle of Eriska Hotel, Spa and Island the chefs grow their own vegetables and herbs, this includes turnips, leeks, potatoes and carrots. The chefs also pick wild plants such as nastursiums and as it is heading into mushroom season they will be hand picking mushrooms to be cooked in the kitchen.


Our Head Chef, Ross Stovold, is able to create vegetarian menus inclusive of dishes such as Salt Baked Beetroot, Pot Roast Swede and Barbequed Leek.

So for availability either to dine with us at Eriska or stay the night and make a stay of the experience call 01631 720 371 or email us on office@eriska-hotel.co.uk

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National Massage Day

Posted by Claire Soulsby on May 14, 2015 2:06:17 PM

Friday 15th May is known as National Massage Day, it is aimed at helping our society understand the positive effects of touch and massage. The term ‘Massage’ is an intuitive healing art dating back 4,000 years ago ancient civilizations including China, Egypt, Rome and Greece. In the late 1880’s it was popularised in the UK when Queen Victoria appointed a practitioner of Swedish massage to treat her rheumatic pains.

In today’s modern society massage is popular not only for relaxation and stress-relief but also for the many health benefits it provides. Massage is incorporated into many of our treatments at Stable Spa. Two of our most popular massage treatments are our Traditional Body Massage and Holistic Total Body Care.

Our Traditional Body Massage is a 55 minute treatment.  This treatment is a deeply therapeutic massage combining stimulating and long movements with emphasis on the back, neck and shoulders. Excellent for releasing muscular tension and fatigue created from daily life. I would recommend upgrading to our Aromatherapy Oils; essential oils are believed to have a powerful effect on mood by stimulating two structures deep in the brain known to store emotions and memory. 


Our Holistic Total Body Care is an 85 minutes treatment. This all-encompassing treatment commences with full body skin brushing and exfoliation to prepare the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. This is the followed by a deep body and scalp massage using a blend of essential oils chosen to suit individual requirements. This truly holistic experience will bring harmony to both mind and body.

We encourage all of our guests to use our swimming pool, spa pool and heat experiences before our treatments. This allows the body to start to distress and the heat relaxes the muscles, allowing our guests to enter a state of relaxation and wellbeing pre-treatment. Post treatment our guests are welcome to continue their spa journey in our Relaxation Room to slowly awaken and indulge in the views of Eriska.  

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Wildlife in Eriska

Posted by Claire Soulsby on May 5, 2015 6:50:26 PM

Nearing Summer and with that comes all the wildlife of Eriska. So why not book your trip to come and see us to count how many of our top ten animals you can spot within your break?

  1. Badgers945076_578508005512830_1745063085_n
  2. Otters
  3. Deers
  4. Frogs
  5. Butterflies
  6. Seals
  7. Herrons
  8. Geese
  9. Pheasants
  10. Partridges

Eriska in Summer is beautiful with the longer days and our fruit and vegetables growing for the season, so if you want to take the challenge of trying to find our top ten animals on the Island call 01631 720 371 for availability or email office@eriska-hotel.co.uk.

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May the Fourth be with You...

Posted by Claire Soulsby on Apr 30, 2015 10:20:00 AM

So we have unfortunately backtracked from being in our beautiful Summer weather back to the Scottish Summer of hail, snow, sleet, and rain. Yet, not to worry Eriska is still open for you to come and stay, to keep yourself warm by the fire whilst listening to the gales continue outside.



May is just around the corner and on the 5th of May in Korea and Japan is known as ‘Children’s Day’ so why not bring your child along to Eriska to enjoy the outdoors, just like you used to as children before video games were as popular as they are now! Let them enjoy our swimming pool with our Stables Spa nearing completion. Bring the family to celebrate a special occasion in the secluded West Coast Island that is Eriska.





The United States celebrate May as the month of National Bikes why not hire a from the Hotel and go for a cycle around the island. We may not be able to guarantee sunshine, but we can guarantee Michelin Starred food and luxurious rooms which you can relax in before spending the day creating memories with the family.



So to find out availability email office@eriska-hotel.co.uk or call 01631 720 371.

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Sunshine at Eriska

Posted by Claire Soulsby on Apr 16, 2015 10:58:00 AM

Easter is over, as is the Masters, the children are back to school now. It has been predicted that we will have three months of sunshine in Scotland now – hard to believe! Weather that nice is going to create spectacular sunsets.  


With the spa almost completed and new flowers growing in our grounds, now is a better time than ever to come and join us at Eriska! Andy Murray has just tied the knot, so why not try your chances to become the next number one British tennis player? We have an indoor sports hall which you can practise in before going to our Stables Spa to relax in our steam room after a hard days training. Or try to perfect your swing on our 6-hole golf course. 


After a day of training why not sign up to our Cocktail Class within the main house at just £25 per person.

For availability call 01431 720 371 or email office@eriska-hotel.co.uk

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Spring is just around the corner

Posted by Elizabeth Todd on Mar 31, 2015 6:30:00 PM

It finally feels like the long winter we have endured over the last few months, is finally coming to an end!_I5D4378_Spring_view_towards_morvern_Medium

With the clocks now an hour forward and the evenings seeming that little bit lighter, we're looking forward to enjoying some slightly warmer weather.

Our Stables Spa project has fairly come on over the last few months, with our new treatment rooms ready to welcome you and the work on the new 50 seater glass box restaurant well underway. Our team who have been busy with the project since day one, are certainly happy to welcome less wind and rain and instead, better weather to help them crack on and complete the project, ready for our Spring/Summer guests.

As well as the welcome milder weather, we're also looking forward to the many more opportunities that the better weather will bring us as well as our guests when they visit Eriska. 

Here are just some suggestions we have for those guests joining us over the next few weeks...

  • Head for Eriska's front entrance and grab a pair of wellington boots before exploring the island
  • Brush up on your skills on our driving range before a round of golf on our 9 Hole Golf Course
  • Ask to borrow a set of our binoculars and see what wildlife you can find on the island

Or you could simply soak up the atmosphere in the main house by the fire!


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Stress Awareness Month

Posted by Claire Soulsby on Mar 14, 2015 12:07:00 PM

Now that we are ending winter and entering into spring, Stress Awareness Month is arriving or April as some of you may know it as. What would be less stressful than enjoying a weekend away to relax within the tranquillity of the Isle of Eriska?


With the solar eclipse occurring at the end of March signalling the beginning of the Daffodil life cycle, the spa almost completed its makeover, the fires lit and luxurious bedding awaiting you.





Enjoy a Luxury Spa Getaway to relax away from the chaos of home. Book one of our Hilltop Reserve Self Catering and enjoy the view from the Hot Tub looking out through the Island.
You could also have a romantic Champagne dinner with the other half within our Michelin Starred Restaurant.

Even bring the kids during their Easter Holidays and have them enjoy the indoor heated pool whilst you relax in the sauna. Take advantage of the fresh air and jog around the island to view all our wildlife. 

So call us on 01631 720 371 or email us on office@eriska-hotel.co.uk to enquiry today how to make this dream a reality

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Easter at the Isle of Eriska

Posted by Elizabeth Todd on Mar 9, 2015 6:28:00 PM

Each year at the Isle of Eriska, we get ready to welcome back couples as well as families spanning several _I5D2410_Beautiful_Spring_view_of_Eriska_in_2010generations as they choose Eriska as thei 5 star, luxury Easter holiday retreat - recommended as one of the best hotels to visit in the Spring by The Telegraph

Here are just some of our favourite things to look forward to when we think about Easter at Eriska...

  • As the days become lighter and longer, this gives our guests and those who visit Eriska even more opportunity to explore the unique island we're lucky to be based on
  • We have some super spots on the island to 'roll those easter eggs' - just ask a member of our staff when you're here!
  • Whether your here to relax and do absolutely nothing or are looking to keep active and work those chocolate easter eggs off, we've got something for you
  • Most importantly, you've got the opportunity to switch off and spend quality time with your loved ones - away from the busy lives many of us lead
We've still some late availability here at Eriska over the Easter period with our special 3 night rate from as little as £565.50 per person - dinner, bed and breakfast.

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