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Grow Your Own: 5 Vegetables to Sow in August

Posted by Bertie Badger on Aug 21, 2014 4:47:00 PM

It's been a few months now since Eriska brought their greenhouse back to life, growing fresh vegetables for the kitchen's daily use to add to the guests dining experience, and the Eriska experience as a whole. With a large selection of our vegetable patch ready for harvesting, visitors to our restaurant can literally see their food transform from start to finish.

Alongside our vegetable patch, and a selection of wild herbs and berries, Eriska also welcomed some quail and pigs to the Island this summer, giving our little Scottish Island Retreat a bit of a farm feel much to the delight visitors who have expressed much enthusiasm in Ross's "home-grown" approach.

Though the best months are behind us it's not too late to late to try grow your own vegetable garden. For those looking to try their hand at a bit of gardening but don't know what to grow in August, here's a bit of advice from our professionals:

  • Radish

Radish's are very easy to grow, and ideal for beginners. For those wanting quick results from their labour - radish takes very little time to germinate and are usually ready to harvest after only 4 weeks! These root vegetables can be sown as late as September/October and make a tasty addition to any Salad.

  • Spring Onion

Another delicious addition to a nice garden salad, winter-hardy Spring Onion are ideal to grow in small plots or containers. With sowing possible as late as August/September, a winter crop can be left in the greenhouse over the worst months to produce a spring harvest.

  • Winter Cabbage

It can be difficult finding vegetables that are able to grow during a typical British winter. Winter cabbage is ideal for this, boasting a higher tolerance to the cold than most of their photosynthesising comrades. By planting later summer, you will find them harvestable in the heart of winter can use them in many tasteful coleslaws and salads.

  • Turnip

Though it fairs from the same family as Cabbage (Brasicca), turnip - like radish - is a fast growing crop and is often ready in 5 - 8 weeks, making it another brilliant choice for any beginners. However, if left they become less tender and flavourful so it is best to spread out the sowing of these vegetables to establish a constant flow of fresh, sweet turnips.

  • SwedeEriska_Vegetable_Patch

Though often confused with turnip, swede is much more resiliant to frost. They crop over a longer period, due to being left in the soil over winter, and are usually ready to harvest around 20 weeks after sowing. Another good choice fpr the novice gardener looking for a sweeter flavour.

Though the time for sweet berries and juicy tomatoes is gone for this year, there is still a large selection of herbs, salad leaves and vegetables to sow in august that can lead to a nice winter garden. 

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