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West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 30th March

Posted by Bertie Badger on Mar 30, 2014 8:43:00 AM

It's been a great week for us, here at Eriska, with the sun making frequent appearences and reminding us all exactly what makes the West Coast so special. The unrivaled scenery of Scotland's Highlands and Islands really comes to life in the sunshine and has left many of our guests in awe.

Sunny Landscape Eriska

With last week's weather proving to be better than expected, we're hoping for some more luck to extend our pre-summer excitment and to offer visitors to the West Highlands something to remember.

Today: Sunny intervals with clouds thickening in the afternoon

Monday: The day looks to be mostly cloudy with brief patches of sunshine in the afternoon and some light rain in the evening.

Tuesday: More cloud and rain showers in the afternoon

Wednesday: Projected to be a dry day, with things brightening up later in the afteernoon.

Thursday: More light cloud throughout with temperatures peeking at 16°C

Friday: Things look to be mostly unchanged, with more cloud throughout

Saturday: The weather appears to take a slight turn, with showers throughout the bulk of the afternoon.

Eriska Spring Daffodil Although the week doesn't look to be finishing on the best note, there is still plenty to remain hopeful for. With temperatures rising and local businesses re-opening their doors, the entire Argyll area has been given a new lease of life.

For those coming to us in the coming weeks, we'd definately recommend you pack a camera to capture some of the stunning landscapes and spring flora that the Island adorns.

Though it may be a bit premature to retire the raincoats just yet. We're sure there will be some April showers to come - so best to be prepared!

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