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Weather wc 17th November

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Nov 17, 2013 8:15:00 AM

The countdown to Christmas seems upon us.

However it is still over 4 weeks till the shortest day and the depth of winter so it is good to see that is still quite mild although I suspect that is about to change. The majority of the leaves are off the trees and we are certainly through the worst of the leave clearance. It is also a wee window for us to start cutting back paths and trees with less foilage to clear and still reasonably firm ground to work on.

We have also had a dramatic eduction of work on the golf course with the grass now controlling itself and the winter works program underway which we have to balance progress with potentail damage to the course as the water table certainly rises and the sraisn have to work hard to keep the course playable. So will this week be a week of work on course or a week of work off the course?

Today: After a cold start to the night the cloud cover has brought up the temperature and it is now a dry and bright morning but will begin clouding over with rain tonight.

Monday: A mainly dry bright morning with some sunshine after the clearance of early fog and frost. Clouding over during the afternoon with outbreaks of light developing towards the west coast by dusk. 

Tuesday: Cloudy with outbreaks of rain, this rain becoming persistent and heavy at times 

Wednesday:Cold and sunny with wintry showers, these mainly across higher hills with a chance of rain or snow.

Thursday: Another cold night will give way to mostly dry and bright weather at first but with scattered showers

Friday:A cold night with dawn greeted with showers will be a wintry combination of rain, sleet and snow, maybe giving locally significant snow accumulations over higher ground, and perhaps even to lower levels at times.

Saturday: Slightly more mild with dry conditions and a light breeze ushering in a more settled period of weather for the last week of November

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