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Weather forecast wc 10th November

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Nov 10, 2013 6:03:00 PM

Every day is different, every view different, every sight different- Simply- it's the West Highlands of Scotland!

This could not be more true than this weekend - yesterday torrential rain with a modest respite in the afternoon and today wall to wall blue skies, snow crisply lying on the mountain tops sparkling in the sunshine and not a breath of wind.  Anyway whilst it is one of the problems with living here it is is also the reason why we choose to be here as every morning is different, every dawn unique and every sunset- or not as the case may be- one on its own!.

So what is different about the week ahead:

Today: After a cold and frost start it will be a stunner- No more need be said!

Monday: It cant last for ever so warmer night as cloud rolls in  but bringing  patchy rain in the morning, becoming drier and brighter.

Tuesday: Outbreaks of rain clearing from the west in the morning to leave a drier afternoon with some sunshine. 

Wednesday: Windy with blustery showers leading to even more snow on hills. More wind and rain followed by a risk of gales.

Thursday: After a wet and windy night we will awaken to blustery showers on Thursday, mainly from the west.

Friday:Cloud, rain and strong winds will continue into the weekend

Saturday:It will begin to turn colder and remain unsettled with a mix of cloudy periods and rain or showers, which may be wintry over high ground. 


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