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West Highland Weather wc 22nd September

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Sep 22, 2013 7:53:00 PM

West Coast Weather - Isle of Eriska


The Equinox - days get shorter and nights get longer!

If only it was a simple as this but in reality it is the end of summer and the official start of Autumn. All the schools are back, the daily basket of apples from the orchard is regular and the leaves are starting to fall added to this the nights are closing in and Autumn is most definitely here. my mother would agree with this as he maintains no central heating for the summer and that Autumn is here when heating is needed- and to think 5 years ago central heating would have been a luxury only required when the snow was on the ground!

Anyway I always think of this weekend as being wet and windy due to the expected equinox gales and the rush in the boat yard to get all the boats out of the water for winter before the winds start to roar. At least this prediction was right yesterday as sitting by a roaring log fire enjoying the comforts of the library was very tempting but as usual today bucked the trend and calm tranquil weather purveyed leaving me a little foolish in my weather forecast but maybe I can do better for this week's west highland weather!

Today: Mainly dry with some clear intervals during this evening and overnight, but generally a good deal of cloud. Some light, patchy, rain with extensive hill fog. Some mist patches developing later in places. 

Monday: Mist patches clearing then bright and mainly dry with some sunny intervals developing. Cloudier with any early, light, rain dying out

Tuesday: After a dry start outbreaks of rain spreading south later on

Wednesday: A cloudy damp morning turning to heavy heavy rain for a time.

Thursday: Brighter weather today following yesterdays rain before rain returns northwards in the afternoon

Friday: Rain is likely to affect us at first on Friday but it should become mainly dry with some warm sunny spells in the afternoon.

Saturday: After a dry night rain or showers are likely to spread in from the south so deending on progress we should have a better morning although it will set in for the weekend.



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