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West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 1st September

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on Sep 1, 2013 12:52:00 PM

West Coast Weather at Eriska During the last week, our West Coast Weather have slowly changed we are getting ready to welcome September and autumn at Eriska. The picture above was taken from the bridge before sundown last Tuesday. 

Today: looks to be mainly cloudy, with a little light rain at times, though much of the time dry, with a few brighter spells. The rain looks to become more persistent and turning heavier later. A breezy day. Tonight it will stay cloudy with outbreaks of rain and breezy mild winds. 

Monday: rain will remain persistent over much of Mid and North Argyll including Mull, heaviest in the more mountainous areas. There may be a few bright spells.  

Tuesday: the rain over the majority of Argyll looks to be easing. Elsewhere looks to be dry bright and quite warm.

Wednesday: is projected to be mostly dry with rain reaching us later before spreading south overnight. 

Thursday: looks to become brighter with some sunshine and lighter showers. Cooler temperatures.

Friday: is projected to be dry with a few sunny spells despite it being quite cloudy and will stay dry overnight. 

Saturday: looks to continue with sunny spells and will stay mainly dry, staying overnight. 

Towards Conservatory at night SMALLSummer has definitely started leaving us it seems and we almost start looking forward to the days of sunshine once again. It does however not stop our guests from enjoying afternoon tea inside with our freshly made sandwiches, Eriska shortbread, freshly baked scones, and the surprise third cake, or their evenings and after dinner drinks in front of the log fire. Although we do not offer lunch for non residents, afternoon tea is available everyday subject to availability. 


Afternoon Tea

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