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West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 21st July

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on Jul 21, 2013 4:17:00 PM

Bloodhound at Eriska

After high expectations for a week following the good weather present across the rest of the UK, we were delighted to welcome the summer temperatures and sunshine to Isle of Eriska Thursday evening!

We have had quite a few groups staying with us this month and they could not have arrived at a better time! Days by the beach, jumping from the bridge and tours on Bloodhound have been enjoyed over the weekend!

Living something that almost looks like a fairytale we start wondering about what lies in store for us next week..

Today: Overnight there were low clouds and mist, which slowly thinned before disappearing this morning. It looks to be a nice and dry afternoon with some patchy cloud and sunny periods. Still feeling very warm but not as hot as recently. Later tonight there will still be good temperatures, but some low clouds and mist looks to be returning and staying overnight. 

Monday: Looks to have clouds clearing through the morning with many places seeing another dry and very warm day with sunshine. 

Tuesday: is projected to be dry and very warm and mostly sunny weather will continue through with some clouds appearing in the evening.

Wednesday: looks to be cloudier with some thundery showers starting to develop, but it will still warm and somewhat humid.

Thursday: is yet again cloudier with some showers. There will also be some sunny spells, and become quite humid as the temperatures are still staying above the 15s with possibilities for thunder. 

Friday: looks to be much like Thursday, slightly warmer with clouds and sunny spells with possibilities for thunder. 

Saturday: is projected to stay the same in terms of temperature, but with heavier clouds and rain. 

Although some clouds and showers are projected at the west coast next week don't forget the sun spray! I think I would bring it with me everywhere! I don't know about you but just the smell of sun spray makes me think of summer!  


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