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Wraps and Essential Oils - Spa Season has come to Isle of Eriska

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on Jun 18, 2013 11:58:00 AM

Isle of Eriska's 17m pool is ozone filtered and kept at about 30CThe Egyptians was perhaps the first to discover the potential of water and essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Remedial treatments and bath spas have been around for thousands of years, with well-being philosophies dating back as far 7000BC! 

As you may have read in our previous post; where otters thrive, the water resources are healthy for human and can be seen as critical indicators of our human condition. So what better place to have a spa? The otters come to Eriska to enjoy the healthy water, and we thought we would give you a good reason to invest in your health and wellness when you come to enjoy what Eriska offers so well.  

Espa treatment room  SMALLSpa season is here and Eriska tranquillity mixed with some fun activities really makes your body feel the love. 

I had a talk with our spa therapists this week. At Eriska our therapists focus upon providing you with what the body needs for the upcoming season when the sun poses its wear and tear on skin, hair and nails - the right treatment for the right season. They recommended the following to nourish and protect the skin: 

Salt and Oil Scrub 

This is exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts, nourishing and essential oils to leave your skin moisturised, smooth and soft. A compact treatment with a dramatic result.

Detoxifying Algae Wrap

Is a therapeutic, balancing and detoxifying treatment which involves skin brushing, gentle exfoliation and algae in rich minerals and enzymes. Designed to ease away tension, helps boost the metabolism and speed up the elimination of toxins. Includes a full scalp treatment for total relaxation.

Aromatherapy Body Massage

Experience the benefits of massage and individually chosen essential oils in one of the
finest anti-stress treatments available. This complete scalp and body massage focuses on acupressure points, helping to strengthen the nervous system, thus restoring lost energy.


Indoor Tennis Court at Isle of Eriska HotelA Tennis Match & Leg Reviver Massage

Or for the more sporty ones, why not take your girls or daughters to our indoor tennis court. There is nothing like a good match of tennis, to then go for a leg reviver massage, which is a truly traditional massage with regulated pressure, excellent for releasing tension in the legs. Stimulating effleurage and long, strong movements for effectively easing tired limbs.

As much as you need relaxation and pampering it is good to give yourself that little justification to then really joy relaxation before it is back to the one continuous contract: life. 

There are a range of spa & spa stay packages available, so why not have a look, maybe someone you know needs a bit of pampering? We all might as well pick up where the Egyptian's started. The well-being philosophy is here to stay. 


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