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West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 16th June

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on Jun 16, 2013 8:52:00 AM

SUNSET ERISKAThe unpredictable West Coast Weather keeps us reaching for the summer raincoat (I'm sure we all have that convenient thin one..). Despite the 'cold' and wet weather, last night offered some stunning views to make up for the otherwise disappointing summer weather the past week! We experienced a few rays of sunshine during the daytime with some smaller showers throughout, especially in the evenings.

This next week looks slightly better as it will be a bit warmer, however a few showers are projected. 

Today: It was a bit misty this morning and some low clouds but these look to be clearing to leave a bright day with some good sunny spells projected.  Light winds may follow but it will feel warm in the sunshine. Later tonight, it looks to be some more evening sunshine with clear spells following overnight. 

Monday: a rather cloudy start with a little rain is possible but the day is otherwise projected to be bright with sunny spells and comfortable temperatures. 

Tuesday: looks to be starting out bright, but with rain projected to be spreading east throughout the afternoon.

Wednesday: looks to be dry and bright compared to the rest of the week.

Thursday: will be expecting some sunny spells with a few showers later in the day.

Friday: is projected to be brighter and dry - partly cloudy but with a few rays of sun coming through during the day.

Saturday: looks to be much like the Friday with mainly dry weather and a few sunny spells keeping us company for the weekend. 

Eriska BluebellsWe believe this next week will offer both guests and their four legged friends (if you have them) a smelling sensation, there is nothing like going for a nice walk in the drizzle when it is warm and you can smell the flowers and wet grass! If you are coming up (or down) to us this coming week, bring the thin summer raincoat so that you can enjoy a walk around the island and enjoy the scenery without feeling you have to take shelter amongst the trees!  


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