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West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 9th June

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on Jun 9, 2013 2:04:00 PM

Isle of Eriska

An absolutely lovely week has gone past on the West Coast of Scotland! A bit grey in the early morning otherwise sunny and warm at Isle of Eriska! I believe a happy few has been able to acquire a slight tan and some charming freckles! 

I am however sad to report that the week ahead does look slightly darker, 

Today: some mist and fog patches cleared early, otherwise it is a clear bright day with warm sunny spells maybe slightly cooler than the week that has gone past. There are some showers projected for the area this afternoon, however it looks as if they could miss Eriska. 

Monday: Looks to start with early mist or fog but will soon clear, then another warm day with sunny spells. A few showers developing during the afternoon is projected, although many places will be staying dry. 

Tuesday: looks to be more cloudy, making the temperatures drop slightly with some light rain in some areas.

Wednesday: the weather is projected to turn heavier and more persistent than on the Wednesday with strengthening winds which will affect temperatures.

Thursday: looks to become a bit brighter again and is followed by sunshine and in some places light showers that will hopefully miss Eriska on its way past. 

Friday: is projected to kick off the weekend with acceptable temperatures, however more cloudy with patches of rain throughout the 

Saturday: looks to be very similar to Friday, but the temperature is projected to be dropping slightly with more clouds cluttering up the sky. 

Butterfly at EriskaIt has indeed been very nice at Eriska this last week, and I saw my first 2013 butterfly! This picture of a butterfly was taken at Eriska by Mr & Mrs Heath when they stayed with us (thank you so much for sharing your lovely pictures with us!)

We would appreciate it a lot if you have any memories and pictures that you would like to share with us. You can send your pictures and stories to 40years@eriska-hotel.co.uk  

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