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10 Ways to Rekindle the Romance in Eriska

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on May 28, 2013 4:51:00 PM

I had a phone call a few days ago, and they asked me if the hotel was well liked by couples looking to relax and enjoy a proper getaway. And I thought, YES absolutely!

Eriska's LandscapeHaving talked to a few guests and their plans for their stay, we decided to list some of the things couples enjoy doing when they come for a weekend, whether it is for a few days away from the hectic life of work or celebrating an anniversary. We have listed just some of the things you can do when staying at Eriska for all year round and some tips to actually leave the ever present world behind for a weekend. You will undoubtedly find your own ways of making it worth remembering.


10 Ways to Rekindle the Romance in Eriska.

  1. Enjoy long meals together, spend time in the morning and just chat over a long breakfast.

  2. Curl up together by the fireplace in the hall/lounge in the hotel with a good book. The hotel has many books to borrow away and can be found throughout the hotel. 

  3. Take some time off the iPhone and iPad when you are here and enjoy each others company.

  4. Book a spa treatment together, it is the ultimate relaxation. A holistic total body care massage lasts for 85 minutes and will leave both body and soul in harmony.  

  5. Enjoy a relaxing evening in the hot tub - the spa suites come with their own garden and hot tub and are strictly for couples. 

  6. Go for a picnic together! The island has many treasured spots to settle down for a bite, the food is prepared by the kitchen to take away and maps of the island are available at the reception.

  7. Challenge each other in a mini tournament of putting, winner gets to chose next week's favourite TV show or where the next restaurant visit goes.

  8. Go for a day-trip to the surrounding islands, Scotland's West Coast host impressive scenery with beautiful beaches, the romantic Eilean Donan Castle on the Isle of Skye, and rich history and culture to be experienced on the isles of Mull and Iona.

  9. Spend an evening by the bar in the concervatory and wait for the badgers to come visit the steps.

10. Sit by the cairn at Eriska to watch the sunset (which is around 22:00 these days).

Eriska's Wine ListComing to Eriska you will have time for at least two of these 'activities' if not more. As one of our guests said; "All in all, Eriska is a lovely spot to spend some time relaxing, eating well, and curling up by the log fires with a good book".

Eriska has so many places waiting to be explored and is the perfect escape for those in need of some pampering, sea air, delicious food and good wine.  describe the image

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