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West Coast Weather - Week Commencing 26th May

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on May 26, 2013 5:05:00 PM

Another busy week has gone by and the weather allowed us to become a bit spoilt as we considered packing away the warmer clothes. A few very warm days really got the expectations up! However, the weather forecast this week ahead looks slightly greyer and moist despite finally having June on the door step. 


Today it has started of cloudy with patchy rain at first, but the sun is out and looks to be leaving a mainly dry and bright day with more sunny spells developing. Winds remain fairly light. 

Tonight it looks to be clouding over again with another band of rain moving in from the west this turning heavy over most of Argyll towards Monday morning. Winds coming from the southeast will also become stronger. 

Monday: a cloudy start with outbreaks of rain these still heavy at times over Argyll. Becoming drier and brighter in the afternoon but with showers following on behind. Strong winds. 

Tuesday: looks to be brighter than the Monday with some isolated showers.

Wednesday: will become cloudier than the start of the week with mainly light rain during the day.

Thursday: looks to be very much like Wednesday - generally cloudy with patchy raindescribe the image throughout the day.

Friday: will be cloudy with patches of rain, and the sun will peak through during the day.

Saturday: will be ever so slightly warmer than the rest of the week but will continue to change between being cloudy with sun spells and light rain. 

If you are coming up to stay with us at the hotel this week, Monday will be very windy, so bring warmer clothes, for the rest of the week you can use light protective wear and enjoy the nice views that the weather might bring about. The picture on the right was taken very recently, showing the beautiful views that the not so summery weather brings with it to the West Coast of Scotland. 

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