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Take the Family to Eriska & Enjoy the Highland Games 2013

Posted by Christina Jacobsen on Jun 5, 2013 8:59:00 AM

Did you know that characteristics of humans travelling for curiosity and pleasure can be found from about 1500 BC?  

We still love to travel for these reasons, experiencing exciting new things such as culture, food & drink and activities. Isle of Eriska is the perfect place to stay this summer as is situated within close proximity to a range of activities and events hosted during the summer months each year and we thought we would recommend a few interesting events especially for the family.

 I5D9631 Maximum lift off  Tossing the caber at the Oban Games 2010  Everyone's idea of a holiday is different, so planning for the luxury family holiday you may have to look at the 'something for everyone' side of things. The West Coast of Scotland has much to offer families travelling with curious kids, sporty parents and grandparents - we are talking time to relax, sports and the Highland Games 2013! 

Scotland has a long tradition and history of the Highland Games where Clans would compete against each other in sporting events taking place across the Highlands. Early Celts viewed these events as war games where their strongest and bravest soldiers would win the games.

Some say that the Highland Games originated as a clan chieftain's way of choosing the best bodyguards and the fittest fighters. But not all the chief's requirements were war related - musicians and dancers were important for the prestige of the chief's household. Choosing staff and supporters was done by holding competitions - looking for good runners for couriers, strong men for defence and a range of entertainers to amuse them during the winter evenings. Nevertheless, the highland games are a bit different today.

The Games today bring people and families together to socialise and compete! The emphasis on sportsmanship and enjoying it together attracts many families and visitors of all ages. Visitors can experience great culture, sport and competition. The Games host a range of different activities across different event locations on different days throughout the summer. In other words, there is plenty of opportunities to experience the beautiful Scottish West Coast and Argyll, with the Loch Lomond Highland Games on 16th July, Mull Games on 18th July, the Inverary Games on 16th July and a bit closer to home: the Oban Games on Thursday 22nd August 2013, which is one of the largest gatherings in Scotland. 

The activities set for the Oban Games has 3 elements:

  1. A world class solo piping competition 

  2. Traditional Highland Games  with competitive track and field events

  3. The perfect day out for the family 

The Oban Games are also well worth the visit for families, and also for those connected with Scotland, to meet and explore their roots and find out more about where their forebears came from, and provide information to visitors from England and overseas about Celtic traditions. The main focus is the Heritage Tent to which all are welcomed; there is much interesting information available and the exhibitors are free to exchange information with visitors all day.

We have also listed a few other things for your family to do in the area and if you are coming to stay with us at Eriska this summer;

describe the image1. A trip by sea, Costal Connection offers both two and three hour trips around the isles, where you can enjoy bird watching, other wildlife, castles and beautiful scenery. Costal Connection can also come by our pier to pick you up. 

DSC 7947  guest take a stroll around the island   SMALL2. A mini-golf tournament. We have something for every level, beginners or seasoned players alike, and the nine-hole golf course is placed on a wonderful piece of land viewing the sea. If the weather does not permit it you can take the enthusiast golfers inside to an excellent putting green and a short game area for chipping and bunkering. Our golf course is also open to visitors!

Isle of eriska3. Walks! We are happy to provide picnic lunches for your family if you stay with us that can be brought with you for walks around the island, along the beach or up the hills. There are many paths and trails to explore at Eriska, and maps and GPS's can be borrowed from the reception. 

ESPA at Isle of Eriska Hotel4. Placed within the old stables you find our spa and swimming pool. Go for a swim in the 17m pool always kept at about 30c or have a relaxing dip in the Jacuzzi. Best of all: these activities are not weather dependent! 

tralee segway centre5. Segway Touring: Only an 8 minute drive away from the Island you find Tralee Segway Centre. Here they have something for everyone, for the youngest and for the brave! Choose between driving through the forest track, racing each other or testing your skills of precision!  

By the looks of it it looks like a really busy holiday, however days with a good range of activities will satisfy the curiosity for the little or younger travelers, at the same time as you have a week of family quality-time and relaxation. 

The wild and wholly scenery makes Eriska a playground of activities for all ages but also the place for true relaxation. Activities and relaxation opportunities are literally just on the door step but still within close proximity to other activities and attractions. We are more than happy to help our guests plan activities and adventures! If you have any questions regarding planning of activities you can click on the button underneath.

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