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West Coast weather Forecast wc 5th May

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on May 5, 2013 7:50:00 AM

I suppose it should be no surprise that another bank holiday weekend is a wash out but then again its not really a "Bank Holiday" here in Scotland and normally the first week in May brings with it the start of real summer. However there is no doubt that over the last few months there has been no real normal weather pattern with spring in full flow in Argyll while the rest of the country has shivered and drowned -- so now when we would normally see sunshine and blue skies I suppose a change is not surprising!

At least there is activity in the garden though as the grass on the golf course has turned green and is in full flourish, the geese have taken flight and headed north,  the warmth in the ground has certainly kicked the seeds and plants in the gardens both in green houses and outside but along with that comes the weeds too so it is a busy time simply keeping on top of the grounds keeping it all tidy.

So will this week be  a week of sun tan lotion and hard graft over the flower beds or a week of wellies and water standing in converted paddy fields?

Today: After a wonderful dawn yesterday the day simply deteriorated and turned to rain and today looks similar except the dawn will be a bit cloudier and the rain during the day less consistent!

Monday: Remaining cloudy throughout today with some rain at times. The patchy rain turning more persistent during today.

Tuesday:  Another cloudy, damp, day with further outbreaks of light rain. The rain will be more persistent towards the north, but southern parts tending to turn dry later.

Wednesday:Bright start but with rain spreading in.

Thursday: Clearing early on then bright with blustery showers. Further rain for a time  in the afternoon then finally drying up

Friday: Whilst the wind will be strong it should bring a the start of a change in conditions with drier weather pushing in.

Saturday: Whilst this period will start unsettled due to the strong winds it will seem warmer and drier- hopefully a sign of things to come!

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