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Guaranteed Otter sightings!

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on May 2, 2013 11:12:00 AM

Otter sightings on Eriska are not unheard of and in fact some of our guests are attracted by the thrill of the search. These sensitive and playful mammals hold an irresistible charm over our guests enjoying a relaxing walk along the island’s edge, which has made them a favourite over the years.Eriska Otter

Eriska’s coastal environment is ideally suited to their habitation.

Our natural habitat remains untouched by urban development, water pollution or the use of pesticides. Our island location is remote from main roadways, which is one of the greatest threats to their numbers as roadkill deaths are one of their biggest threats. Our coastal and land environments offers food on tap: fish, shellfish, but also birds, small mammals, etc.

However all is now solved with the latest addition the the Eriska family. A year ago we were approached by one of our guests with aproposal to add an Otter sculpture to the beach at Eriska. Whilst at the outset this sounded a rather daft idea it was also the sort of concept which begins to attract support and is one which soon had enough traction to move from dream to reality.

Otter on eriska resized 600

So over the last year Kenneth Robertson has been working on a piece for us - not only was the actual otter sculpture important but insuring it fitted in to the environment and more importantly onto a rock at Otter Point was essential. Several visits later and much hard work from Keneth and his son have now seen the installation on the shore.

I am sure like us vsiitors will be pleased with it and will come to admire and enjoy our new constant and guaranteed resident. he now has three roles, to guard teh entrance to loch creran, to encourgae otters to teh shores and to offer a sighting spot for visitors. Howeer should this still one be  to easy to spot here are some handy hints to have the best chance of spotting our eluisove creatures:

•Look for their ideal location: clean water, vegetated banks, and available prey.

•Look out for their distinctive webbed toe prints, or droppings (that may contain fish bones and scales)

•Dawn explorers will have the best chance of spotting them.

•Be still and patient, or walk quietly; keeping upwind.                                                                  

Take care to avoid disturbing them or their habitat. With no guarantees of a sighting, our island setting itself is worth exploring and enjoying.



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