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West Coast weather forecast week commencing 21st April

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Apr 21, 2013 8:41:00 AM

The weather this week has been horrendous!

Or so one of our guests told us, in reality it has been no different than we would have expected at this time of year but given the wonderful dry spring - 5 week of no rain -we have enjoyed the last week may seem like a dramatic climate change.

With heavy rain and high winds, our guests have spent most of their time indoors - though with no lack of activities to keep them occupied. Having taken full advantage of our indoor leisure facilities, the spa has been fully booked all week and the indoor sports hall has been occupied with groups flooding in to play tennis, badminton, football or enjoy a round of indoor putting.

However, things did clear up by the end of the week, and we even managed to get an entire day of sunshine, allowing day trips through Oban, or across to some of the larger islands by ferry. having seen the change in weather coming we thought a film crew who were staying with us would have been pleased but regrettably having shot two days in dull wet conditions sunshine and clear skies for a day did nothing to help their continuity so not everyone welcomed the last day of improved conditions!

Though summer is just around the corner, it doesnt look like there'll be much need for sun lotion this week to come.

 Sunday- Cloud and rain through the morning with lighter showers and sunnier spells  through the afternoon.

Monday- Cloud and rain, becoming heavier throughout the day. Mild temperatures.

Tuesday - Cloudy but dry throughout the day with rain in the evening.

Wednesday- Heavy rain throughout the day with temperatures peaking at 9 degrees, becoming dry late evening.

Thursday- A day of sunshine and showers becoming dry late in the evening.

Friday- After a dry start the clouds will start to push in for the weekend and bring the threat of rain.

Saturday-A wet night will see damp dawn but the good news is that sunshine is round the corner and the remainder of the weekend should be brighter and warmer 

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