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Weather Forecast west coast of Scotland wc 14th April

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Apr 14, 2013 9:17:00 AM

So it seems our luck have finally dried up or not as it seems!.

All week long, we’ve experienced very light showers throughout the day putting an end to five weeks of dry and sunny weather, and though we complain these April showers are finally allowing the island flora to be able to rehydrate and grow into a healthy green in time for summer. I5D2410 Beautiful Spring view of Eriska in 2010

Thoughpwe’d need more than a little fall of rain to stop our guests from going out and enjoying the island, plenty of our visitors have still taken up the opportunity to enjoy the nature walks around the hotel and do a bit of bird watching, and those who’d rather stay inside have been able to enjoy spa treatment and use of our indoor pool and sport hall. In truth the start of Spring is really evident outside the house with trees starting to bud, birds breaking out into song and grass and weeds starting to flourish in all directions making the estate team busy!

But it’s not over yet, we have another week of rain ahead, so make sure to look out your umbrellas and wellies!

Today : After a threatening night with cloudy skies we awaken to rain, some heavy, gradually turning showery, brighter and warmer through the afternoon.

Monday:  A wet start, with persistent and heavy rain but the rain easing and turning brighter especially in the south. Showers returning, prolonged with strong to gale force southerly winds. 

Tuesday: Further showers will be most frequent inland and on higher ground, more scattered elsewhere. South to southwesterly gales becoming severe over the Isles. 

Tuesday: Showers will become lighter through the day with most areas dry in the afternoon. Strong southwesterly winds easing. 

Wednesday: After the last few days of rain today is starting bright then more rain spreading from south. Rain turning showery but colder.

Thursday: The weather looks to remain changeable but cooler than earlier in the week and very showery.

Friday: The new weather front will eventually push in bringing drier conditions however this far out it is uncertain whether it will be before or during the weekend.

Saturday: The new front will bring in more summer temperatures and little in the way of cold conditions so it will definitely be gardening time!

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