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Weather Forecast West Coast Scotland wc 24th March

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Mar 24, 2013 7:04:00 PM

I am sure like everyone else  in the Uk we have been surprised by the weather over the last 7 days although maybe at Eriska we have been surprised for different reasons. Whilst everyone has been buried under snow and near arctic conditions we have been basking in sunshine and enjoying another week of sunshine. It was very windy mid week and we were without power for a few hours but nothing like the central belt or even Arran which seems to have born the brunt of the weather and the tail end of winter.

Regrettably however I neither took my own advice last week nor my wife's advice this morning and proceeded as normal to light my monthly bonfire to burn rubbish and clearings from a weekend of work in the garden. However no sooner had I succeeded in getting the light to take than I was running with buckets of water and beating the ground with a brush to try and contain my now rampant muir burn.

In reality it was contained nearly by the cliffface and I was simply concerned that it might jump and head for the sports hall but when Anne appeared over the hill concerned that my house was on fire and explaining that the phone was not being answered- so they had imagined the worst- and the main hotel was engulfed in smoke maybe it was not quite as contained as I had initially imagined.

Anyway the ground is dry- I can vouch for this- and with the wind at its back the fire was moving quite quickly but after a few minutes of worry and a few buckets of water it was all nearly under control so next time I promise to listen to my wife! But is the cold front set to change or stay the same for the week ahead?

Today: After a cold night it will be dry with some sunshine. Staying cold and windy.

Monday: After a cold and frosty start to the day it will stay dry with only a few clouds overhead.

Tuesday:The  dry weather will continue with sunny spells. The best of the sunshine again towards the West . Still feeling cold although easterly winds will be lighter.

Wednesday: Staying dry and cold with lighter easterly winds. There will be sunny spells by day with sharp frosts at nights.

Thursday:Starting dry and cold with some sunny spells, though a few snow showers possible,

Friday: Cloudier, windier and more unsettled conditions are then likely to spread in from the west, slowly heading northeastwards during the Easter Weekend.

Saturday:  This rain may be preceded by snow, but it is certainly changing with cloud pushing in and tempertures rising along with precipitation! Typical Bank Holiday weather!

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