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West Coast Weather wc 17th March

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Mar 17, 2013 8:23:00 AM

In a week that Britain seems unsure whether it is winter or Summer- Eriska once again seemed oblivious to the climate outside.

As I walked the dogs tis morning it was clear that the change in conditions has not been far way as Ben Cruachan is now coated in snow down to 1000ft and the peaks around all have white caps when you look north, east and south but as you look west all is green and starting to move into  a new season. Indeed whilst we had a cold but dry day yesterday guests arrived for the weekend filled with stories of snow on the M6 and driving winds keeping temperatures below freezing.Ben Cruachan resized 600

How lucky we seem to have been this winter as we are certainly getting set for Spring and even the ground is warming up and ready for us to plant the start of our herbs and vegetables in the green house. As I drove back form Edinburgh last week it is obviously dry on the ground as I was confronted twice by billowing smoke from the muir burn coming across the road and in one spot a fire engine stood by in case the blaze took off out of control.Muir Burn resized 600

Anyway as I keep telling visitors one of the attractions to life in the west coast of Scotland is the unpredictability to the weather and the ever changing seasons - although when we say this we do not always want the seasons to change each day never mind each hour but at least it stops us either getting bored or complacent!

So what can we expect over the next seven days as we move toward the clocks changing and Easter Holidays?

Today:  Mostly cloudy with scattered showers, these falling as sleet or wet snow on higher ground. However betwen these showers we should see some brightness and sunny spells


Monday: A few showers  overnight will lead to a frosty start with cloud pushng in through the morninng bringing in showers and a light breeze

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with patchy rain but then starting to cool and turning to snow at low levels. Then later in the day brighter conditions pushing in.

Wednesday : Cloudy but it should remain dry although the stiff easterly breeze will drop temperatures to freezing  levels.

Thursday: Mostly dry after a sharp overnight frosts but breaks in the day will bring sunshine which may make it seem warmer

Friday: Turning much more unsettled with cloudy, wet and windy conditions settling in for the weekend

Saturday: There will be a mixture of heavy showers and sunny spells throughout the day so dont get caught out or lulled nto a false sens eof spring!



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