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West Coast Weather Forecast wc 10th March

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Mar 10, 2013 8:05:00 AM

West Coast weather forecast is often difficult to predict and in turn often inconsistent.

I suppose much of the fault lies in the fact that we are the first land mass on the eastern side of the Atlantic and when the weather is going to hit or how it will hit is often unpredictable. On the positive side this also means that some times weather fronts change direction at the alst moment and we maintain weather from previous days and sometimes the weather simply passes us by and decides to deliver its rain, wind or snow elsewhere.

There is also however another great advantage which is that when the weather is clear it is really clear and we can see for miles, the silohettes of the mountains are accurate and the sunsets are nothing but stunning. So it was this week whilst we were promised rain and cold we simply got crisp and stunning weather making the enclosed shot an every evening occurance. 

Sunset over kingiarlochRegrettably however, as stated earlier, this can never be predicted from year to year - month to month or even day to day but in effect this is part of the wonders of living in Argyll and it is the unpredictablility of the seasons which makes every day different- well thats what we keep telling ourselves! So what can we predict for this week?

Today: After a cold start with clear skies we can expect sunny intervals and a few snow showers later in the day on higher ground.

Monday: Cloudy at times with a few scattered snow showers, although any accumulations melting. Largely dry with some sunshine throughout the day

Tuesday: A few mostly light snow showers continuing overnight but the ever present gulf stream will keep temperatures reasonable but it will be still.

Wednesday: Largely dry with plenty of sunshine but  still one or two wintry showers affecting higher ground through the day.

ThursdayRemaining cold but mostly dry any wintry showers becoming confined to the coast but still above freezing.

Friday:  Large amounts of cloud pushing in will both raise temperatures and reduce the sunshine in an ironic combination.

Saturday: A clearer night will lead to cold with frosty night and some icy patches in the morning but we will also see more pleasant sunshine to warm the ground


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