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Weather Forecast wc 24th February

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Feb 24, 2013 12:07:00 AM

There are many reasons to live on the west coast of Scotland and walking to work last night as the sun dipped down behind the western mountain tips and the sky turned from blue to red was certainly one of those reasons. occassionally the sunsets on the west coast of scotland can be as spectacular as any where in the world and indeed the clarity and color can rival even the best- true we may have to wait for these to occur but when they do they are worth the wait!Sunset over Eriska

In truth we have had a wonderful week of cold but dry still and sunny weather. Normally when my mother goes on holiday we can expect good weather but when she set off last weekend and the rain was pouring down we had begun to wonder if the old addage was going to hold true but it has come good in the end. So wil it continue?

Today: After a cold night the clear skies will leave a frost that will take time to clear and it will continue mainly dry and cold, though isolated wintry flurries possible on higher ground.

Monday: Rather cloudy at times but some clear intervals, with a frost for most parts, this sharp under clearer skies again perhaps a wintry flurry or two.

Tuesday: A bright, cold and mostly dry day with some sunny spells, although perhaps still some wintry showers

Wednesday: Mostly settled, fine and generally dry weather persisting with sunny intervals and light winds. 

Thursday: It will continue with cold temperatures but a bit of cloud will push in and start to warm the morning up but with it also comes the risk of rain!

Friday:Rain to start and then brighter, colder and more showery conditions should follow from noon onwards

Saturday: The weekend should start mainly dry but rather cold despite sunny spells, however there is an increasing likelihood of more unsettled and breezier conditions developing



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