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Weather Forecast wc 17th February

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Feb 17, 2013 8:46:00 AM

We are now well into the season with half term and weekend escapes.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are already half way through February and the days are creeping out. It almost seems that every day I am having to push the clocks back that operate our lights outside so that we are not lighting an already day light carpark and clearly we are not wasting electricity, but the other side of Spring sees us cutting the grass for the first time and providing it remains warm and dry no doubt the weekly chores on the golf course will start to run.

The good news however last week with our wet Thursday was that we saw the backs- or should I say underside- of our golf course visitors- 200 geese can certainly make an impression and whilst they fertilised the fairways and ate the rough back they obeyed the signs and stayed off the greens --in the most part! So the rain washed most of it on and now with a bit or warmth it will become bright vibrant grass!

So what have we got ahead for the weather this week-

Today:  After a cloudy start it should start brightening up through noon and into the afternoon.


Monday: A little drizzle across high hills to start the day otherwise dry and mostly cloudy. A few cloud breaks possible later in the day

Tuesday: A dry day everywhere with most places starting cloudy. Brightening up through the morning with some sunshine for the afternoon

Wednesday: A mainly dry and settled period with bright and sunny spells. Frost and fog expected after dark which could be slow to lift and clear. Winds will be mostly light.

Thursday:  Conditions  are expected to be cold, mostly dry but rather cloudy and breezy, with the best of any brighter weather across inland areas.

Friday:The cloud at dawn will be thick enough at times to produce some wintry showers at day break, with some thicker cloud also spreading into the southwest at times giving some outbreaks of rain and hill snow.

Saturday: Slightly warmer than Friday with a breeze lifting the temperatures on shore but still a threat of rain in the afternoon.



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