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Weather Forecast wc 3rd February

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Feb 3, 2013 7:09:00 AM

As we reopened form our winter slumber last week we started to hear all the stories of weather woe over the Winter and only then do we start to feel lucky to live on the west Coast of Scotland brushed by the Gulf Stream with our milder more considerate climate- well that is before we highlight the slight possibility of rain and wind to keep us on our toes. Whilst weather is a great topic of conversation it is the unpredicatability and ability for it to change at a moments notice that keeps us from getting bored.

This is all ideal unless you wish to plan ahead wether it be for guests going hill walking or conversly booking appointmenst in the sp to avoid the rain only to see the sun blazing outside as they begin to swim in the pool or be pampered on the the treatment table! Or for us trying to paint outside or work in the garden when whatever we propose the weather always means that plans must be flexible otherwise we will never complete any chore! So on that note what is ahead for this week?- It will probably be wonderful as I have arranged a week of internal work for the estate team in a bid to complete the winter work  before our full house next weekend?

Today:  After a dry start it will become cloudy with rain. Showers following on behind.

Monday: Clouds thickening with outbreaks of rain, preceded by snow over higher ground, spreading to all parts, clearing later in the night, with showers following in across on Mull, 

Tuesday: A bright morning with sunny spells and a few light showers, mainly over higher ground then clouding over during the afternoon with rain spreading to the west later. 

Wednesday:  Turning colder with wintry showers, severe gale force westerly winds, with showers becoming more isolated.

Thursday: A drier day with still low tempertures

Friday: The colder period continues into the weekend but at least the rain has gone and the sun is shining



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