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Scottish weather Forecast wc 30th December

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Dec 30, 2012 8:37:00 AM

As I left the house this morning I was lulled  into a false sense of security-

in reality I should have known better as the forecast did mention rain and wind but when I opened the back door all was still and motionless, I could however hear a large rumble of thunder in the distance and naturally bing the optimist that I am thought it must have been a man made commotion.

As I walked round the hill the lack of sound became tangible and I began to think my confidence was misplaced but by now I was typically as far from my back door as the planned walk had proposed, then the heavens opened and we had what seemed like a days rain in five minutes resulting a two drowned rates returning home and as I changed again Dibley was forced to look at me questioning why I had bothered with a shower and dry clothes before going out when I would require both again on my return. He however seemed oblivious to the rain and now lies well walked on his bed.

So now after forecasting the weather and ignoring it I will look ahead to the New Year and hope to not only do better but also pay more attention and consider myself less immune to weather! So what weather will see our 2012 and what is the Scottish weather Foreacst for 2013?

Today:As described above it will be of little surprise that it continues windy with wintry showers. However walkers should beware as there will be blizzards on hills and heavy rain overnight.

Monday: Windy with sunny spells and blustery wintry showers, frequent and heavy at first with blizzards across the hills. Showers dying out later this afternoon as rain spreads into the southwest. Gales across coastal areas, easing later.

Tuesday: Rain at first clearing from the west during the morning and early afternoon. Turning brighter and colder again as showers follow, before turning wintry later. Breezy. 

Wednesday: Cold with wintry showers with rain spreading east as it turns milder and breezy.

Thursday: Bright start  but cloudier later with some rain.

Friday:A quieter and drier spell of weather is expected through this weekend luckily as the ground is fairly saturated.

Saturday: Generally a good deal of cloud across hills where it is likely to be thick enough for occasional spells of rain, perhaps even some heavier rain at times



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