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Scottish Weather wc23rd December

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Dec 23, 2012 9:08:00 AM

When we sit here with the fires roaring the curtains shut and the storms raging outside we at least have something to look forward to at this time of the year- the fact the days are already getting longer and we are moving closer to the longest day! 

There may however be people with other things on their minds at this time of year but for some it is helpful to dream of the future and it allows us to remember what the round glowing ball in the sky is, although in truth we cannot really complain- 2012 has been a much better year for Argyll than nit has for the rest of Britain and the last week has been no exception as it has remain free of the torrential downpours and high winds which have battered the country. Anyway there are many who are keen to hear if conditions will be good for father Christmas's journey form the north pole and will it be conducive for both flying , landing and delivering!

Today: After a week of escape we are today going to be battered by severe gales for a time which will reduce to showery conditions but it will seem incredibly mild.

Monday- Christmas Eve-  A few light showers will greet the dawn otherwise dry with some clear intervals, with winds becoming lighter. 

Christmas Day: Mainly dry start then becoming cloudy with showers, perhaps even some longer spells of rain later. A bit colder again. 

Boxing Day: Bright spells and showers but significantly colder with sunshine and wintry showers,

Thursday: Dry bright and frosty so a perfect winters day.

Friday: A drier interlude however, this does look short-lived as further wet and windy weather is expected to spread in later in the day.

Saturday: Conditions remaining unsettled throughout the weekend but there will be some dry spells but they will be peppered with showers.


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