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Weather west coast Scotland wc 16th December

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Dec 16, 2012 9:42:00 AM

It seems that every day you meet someone now who has had enough of the festive spirit and we are still over a eeek away from Christmas Day. Well today for all those who dislike this time of year we at least have some positive news as with the longest night- or shortest day upon us it6 is worth pointing out that form here on until the 21st june 2013 the days will start to grow and the nights will push back. i am not sure whether tis is a sign of the fact that we are in the midst of winter or closing in on the start of spring but in reality the truth is that we are certainly not in the middle of winter weather.

Eriska is nestled into the western highlands and there are always people out there who continue to remind us that we are touched by the gulf stream , so it is probably not surprising as I look out form my office this morning that if i look over the trees and their lack of foliage it is more spring like with wonderful colours on the hills and not a spot of snow to be seen than winter like as it is supposed to be. Anyway it seems that for those still enthralled by Festive spirit is that the big question is the one of a white Christmas or not? So what is really ahead for the last week before Christmas?

Today: After a damp start and very mild dawn it looks like being a mainly dry day with lots of bright spells.

Monday:Rather cloudy with the best of the brightness around the coast and over the Islands. A few showers possible, these mainly affecting higher ground during the morning. 

Tuesday:  Showery outbreaks of rain pushing in later in the day and overnight, a few heavy burst expected. Mild under all that cloud with no frost problems. 

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with showery outbreaks of rain, possibly heavy. It should become drier through the day with some brighter spells. Winds mostly light. 

Thursday: Dry with frost and fog in the morning but dominated by strengthening southeasterly winds with rain and hill snow pushing in from the west.

Friday: Bright spells and showers throughout the day insuring a good us eof umbrellas!

Saturday:The weather is likely to remain generally unsettled through the whole weekend, with bands of persistent and locally heavy rain crossing the country from time to time, and with a risk of occasional hill snow over local mountains.




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