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Weather West Coast Scotland wc9th December

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Dec 9, 2012 8:35:00 AM

There are many advantages to living on the west coast of Scotland and many myths that may have one day been true but with all the advances in communication now stand to be challenged. In true Eriska style I arranged for the busiest week in terms of scottish travel to coincide with the first real winter weather warnings. As snow ice and freezing conditions began to grip the country I managed to arrange an itinerary for myself which included three trips across Scotland.

Having stood in front of the roaring fire last weekend at eriska I confidently highlighted that we are never too isolated not cut off from civilisation by snow or ice but then on Monday as I set off down the drive I could see the snow line on the hills descend and the temperature guage in the car plummet. There was however two good pieces of news to report as I sit here on week later- firstly my prediction of clear roads and safe conditions stand as I made every appointment on time - if a little longer in the car than normal, and secondly given the longer journeys it allowed me even more time to take in our wonderful scenery and country.

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So today sees a real change in conditions high winds have brought with them increasing temperatures although they seem sharp given the windchill

Monday:After the wind of Sunday the calm night with clear skies wil see overnight frost but the clear skies will push into the day and allow a mainly dry and sunny opportunity.

Tuesday: Another very cold night will at least give way to a very sunny day although it will be cold to below freezing all day.

Wednesday:Cloud cover will encourage conditions above freezing but it will remain dry.

Thursday: Cold cloudy and a chance of rain overnight

Friday:The return of rain and slightly milder conditions

Saturday: A wet day and one simply to light the fire and hide out!

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