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Eriska Christmas Recipe Help!

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Nov 29, 2012 9:08:00 AM

With the start of December upon us and television and high streets full of festive spirit, or at least and attempt to get us into the festive mood we thought it would be good to try and offer a little Eriska cheer and seasonal help. So this week Simon, in the kitchen, has kindly offered to start putting some tips and ideas on how to make Christmas in the kitchen go smoothly.

In truth this is a double edged plan given that we are not an automatic location for Christmas Parties throughout December as we are neither located near a city nor really set up for large number and therefore christmas suddenly arrives and we have to remember quickly how we did it last year so any chnace to get ourselves in te festive mood and give us practice at the stoves is  helpful.

last week we have a turkey run thorugh with Thanksgiving and given that each week we do use a carving trolley we at least have te carving prsactice although the offering of a multitude of accompaniements is always exciting and challenguing. Anyway lessson one is a simple and easy way to make Christmas Mincemeat parcels and who ebetter to sho her skills in the kitchen than simons daughter Evie. Not only does evie make teh whole ex[pericne seem simple but the fact that she could do it on her way to school shows how quick it is too. Hopefully you wiull enjoy it and look forward to lesson two!