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Scottish island Weather wc 2nd December

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Dec 2, 2012 8:41:00 AM

As the television screens begin to fill with endless festive adverts and pictures of snow and ice it is probably quite appropriate that as I gaze out of my office window I can see a covering of frost on the golf course, a dusting of snow on the Kingairloch peaks and the boiler chimney next door is puffing out steam confirming that winter is here and lookslike it will be with us for a few days!

It is also a reminder that I need to hurry on and get our water project completed as curently we have a number of exposed pipes waiting to be burried under a blanket of protection and earth. In truth this project is a little behind schedule but we did plan to leave them exposed for a period to allow any leaks and faulty joints to be spotted as once it is all burried it will, I hope , not see the light of day again- this is probably a similar sentimanet as my father had back in 1973 when he designed the initial system as whilst it all seemed to make sense then it was in need of refurbishment and certainly has taken giant steps forward in being improved and enhanced now , but as was teh case in 1973 whilst most of the year the temparture will not affect the pipework when it can- like just now- it is important to give it as much insulation as possible, despite water continually moving through te pipes with potentail temperatures dropping below freezing it is always better to be prepared! 

So what is really ahead for us at Eriska this week?

Today: having started with a cold dawn and temperatures just below feezing it is unlikely to get above zero all day and certainly the clear skies and cool breeze will keep it feeling colder

Monday: The overnight cloud will not only help temperatures climb but will also bring with ity rain which on colder surfaces will make early morning driving tricky. It will dry up in the afternoon and seem warmer in the sunshine but temperatures will again dip overnight.

Tuesday:Another cloudy night will keep temperatures above freezing but it will clear through the day and bring a sudden drop into the evening.

Wednesday:After a cold night the sunshine will help temperatures climb with a cool northeasterly making windchill a factor.

Thursday:A misty morning will bring with it a change in weather with winds from the south ushering warmer rainy conditions

Friday: Rain continues pushing in with heavier downpours through the afternoon

Saturday: Respite from the rain comes with a drier brighter morning and more mild conditions