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West Highland Weather wc25th November

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Nov 25, 2012 8:30:00 PM

Its seems ironic as we sit here on the west coast of Scotland, famed for its inclement weather,  watching a sunrise over the snow capped hills that the south of England seems engulfed in storms and rain - especially given that we struggle to persude guests that the gulf stream passes the island and leaves us with a mild if occassionally damp climate. In truth 2012 will go down as one of the driest and sunniest on record and before people start thinking it is all about climate change let me highlight the fact that 2011 was the wettest on record so we felt like we were due a few rays of sunshine.

Anyway as November draws to a close and we start to push into deepest darkest December what is in store for those who choose to stay with us, will it be log fires and beating rain on the windows or high level walks in snow and sunglasses to keep sunshine at bay?

Well today will be mainly dry although the clear skies will lead to a cold night and especially given the starong winds.

Monday: Generally dry with the clouds breaking, allowing a touch of frost whihc developed overnight to dissapear with the dawn

Tuesday: Cloud thickening further east leaving the west dry initially, but rain over higher ground wuill come down  in afternoon.

Wednesday: Brisk Northerly winds especially strong on coasts will push the temperature downand there will certainly be icy patches over night

Thursday: Colder and brighter than yesterday with dry conditions and even good sunny spells through the afternoon

Friday: Yesterdays bright conditions and clear  night will lead to deep night frosts forming although the wind will push in and help the temperature near the sea rise but it will bring rain later in the day

Saturday:. Strong North winds in coastal areas gradually easing but it will be showery some heavy later in the afternoon.