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Weather Forecast w/c 28th October

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Oct 28, 2012 8:16:00 AM

After a much longer nights sleep than normal we awoke today to a dull damp day, in truth the extra hour and new found dawn should have made all the difference but the fact that the temperature has risen and dry sparkling mornings have been replaced by rain and cloud is not at all satisfactory. indeed when we get dark this evening just after five we will probably question whether the time change was indeed worthwhile. Clearly I would argue for simplicity and i am aware that there is a move to do away with the clock change although the strong dairy farming lobby group and the children school crossing representatives seem to be in favour of the change and in reality there are more important matters- one would think, for parliament to consider rater than tinkering with the changes to summer time!

Anyway traditionally the weather forecast at this time of year normally starts to take a distinctly wintery feel but as we have already had the first frost and areas of Scotland have been treated to a dusting of snow, although Eriska seems to have remained immune, it seems a bit late to start predicting a dark and cold winter even though this seems to be the general consensus. Anyway what is ahead for the next week?

Today: After a dull start it looks like we will continue to get some heavy rain at times, but from mid afternoon it will become drier towards evening as it also becomes more breezy.

Monday: Mist, fog and low cloud slowly clearing in morning and any remaining showers should die away leaving a bright afternoon with some sunshine, but cloudier in evening with rain later.

Tuesday: Dull and wet, with some prolonged and heavy rain, especially across higher ground, but becoming drier late afternoon, with rain turning to showers and perhaps some brightness towards dusk.

Wednesday: Some rain at first, otherwise scattered showers, these mostly over coasts. Some clear spells but mist, fog and low cloud likely to form, with northeasterly winds developing. 

Thursday: Cloudy and breezy with rain , some heavy, then wet and windy overnight and into Friday.

Friday: Turning to showers in afternoon, with further showers through the day, but cold northwesterly winds.

Saturday: At last a brighter day but certainly feeling cooler with snow on the high tops to the East