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Jubilee Beacon Success

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Jun 5, 2012 12:57:00 PM

There is not much I remember about our first decade here at Eriska but I do have recollections of the beacon we lit to market the jubilee in 1977 and wanted to mark this Jubilee with a similar extravaganza. So for the last couple of weeks we have been stacking a bonfire by the cairn and growing it and hoping for dry weather to firstly help it light and secondly make the whole experience more pleasant. So last night i was both pleased and happy that the rain held off and the the wood looked sufficiently dry to ignite.

So at 10pm we alls et off for the cairn and stood by as the fire was lit. fearing the worst we had introduced both new newspapers and frelighters to try and take out the element of surprise but no sooner had the first taper been lit than the whole fire was alight and 20ft flames leapt into the air. Now we had another issue, with the wood being dry should we have maybe worried and considered the grass and bracken surrounding it more as the flames leapt into the air could they have leapt into the surrounding ground. So as we stood as close as we could to the fire to negate the midges and tried not to stand too close to burn we also rested on shovels to keep any errant fire from spreading.

after a fe minutes all seemed under control and we had the opportunity to open a bottle and toast Her Majesty and then look around for fellow Beacons. We were not disappointed as to the east the beacon on ben Cruachan lit up the peak and showed all around when to light and the ceremony came alive. whilst we could not see many of our neighbours fires we have today heard of many who saw the Ben Cruachan peak and talked of they wonderful evenings weather and entertainment. After an hour we all returned home,e and watched the highlights of the evening on the televisuion complete with wireworks and pop concerts. We will probably never see such an event again but went to bed both proud and happy to be British!