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Rain dance required

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Jun 8, 2012 12:56:00 PM

We always betray and portray Eriska as being a bit different but it appears that this year this wish is more real than never. as the rest of the Uk is covered in rain , clouds and wind Eriska seems to be basking in dry summery conditions. however it is starting to take its toll and steven on the golf course is in need of rain to keep his greens in tip top shape. We have even had to start irrigating with water from an old reservoir up on the hill which has the added advantage of being very peaty so hopefully the extra nutrients will help the grass grow although he is a bit concerned that it will also change the shade of grass to a slightly browner shade!

Anyway as if by magic we had an hour of rain and today the grass is back to its normal color.However there was not enough rain to make the slightest bit of different to our wells and with one dry already and the other one precariously close we are having to import water from the mainland just to keep the baths full! We do not however want to put any long term plans in operation as we are realists and understand that it is only a short term blip and normal rain will be resumed next week! lets hope it is all in moderation!