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Noo Coo Arrivals

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Jun 23, 2012 12:54:00 PM

After a few years away from the farming business we are now back on track . The press and PR coverage of the Foot and Mouth epidemic a few years ago persuaded us to take a sabbatical from the farming business and instead we kept some ponies and donkeys on hand to maintain out fields just off the island. However this year we have decided to re-enter the market and have therefore bought 6 wee highland cows to join the Eriska team.

They arrived earlier this week full of the joys of spring and armed with their passports and and a pile of paperwork to be filled in and registered. Currently they are living in the southern field with the inhabitants of EV4 and the steadings as company, they seem friendly and are certainly cautious about their neighbors although they seem to be enjoying the plentiful supply of grass and space. The only comment so far was that they looked quite matted after their short journey from Achnacloich to Eriska but after last nights heavy rain storm and the strong winds- our version of a wash and blow dry- they seem to have received a new lease of life and look very soft and fluffy.

The current plan is that they will move around the fields on the mainland for a few months before crossing the bridge to grass cut my mothers field- hopefully insuring that they don't stray onto the golf course otherwise they will find themselves less than welcome! So for now its grass and sunshine for their summer holidays and hopefully lots of photo opportunities and a new role as Eriska Gatekeepers beckons!