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Golf weather indicator

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Jun 27, 2012 12:51:00 PM

last year we purchased a new machine for looking after the greens. It was simply to replace our old coughing and spluttering machine which had been used to good effect and had not only helped the greens develop but had also helped some of the outfield improve and the tees evolve. When we spend the sums of money on machinery - the golf course requires- i always try to not only stress the savings in terms of man power, the improvements in the course but also the multi tasking of the machinery.

This is however always a balance as on one hand we like to have the fewest numbers of machinery doing as much work as possible but enough machinery to cover breakdowns so as an example we have a machine which can cover the fairways and semi rough along with the rough too. However we did get caught out when the new machine arrived last year and a set of reels - promised - did not fit! So we were promised a new set and they were expected however due to a number of unexplained and assured- non connected issues the reels did not arrive until today.

As is always the way they have been much in demand and need since the start of the dry spell back in March to help minimize the thatch and reduce the moss content but today when they finally arrived - so did the rain but Steven was not perturbed - not only keen to show that they worked but also trying to catch up on the work despite the rain. Hopefully the rain and warmth will encourage growth on the greens and help the process catch up to where we had hoped to be and I have noted not to remove equipment before the new equipment is both here and working! Another golf lesson learnt!