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100 Year old trim

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Jun 29, 2012 12:50:00 PM

Looking through some of the old photographs of Eriska last week I could see the oak tree planted in 1884, the year the house was built, and which now houses the swing seat by the conservatory and also the small plantation of Azalias in front of the diningroom window.

This has obviously grown and developed over the years but on closer inspection it has also become home to various brambles and roses which now make it a combination of inpenetratable and scraggly.So this week we - armed with elbow legnth goves and a strong set of secateurs- set about opening te space up, allowing the plants to breathe and hopefyully revitalised the area.

The downside of removing more than 4 loads of green shrubbery is that it looks a little bare and naked for now but hopefully having done it with time to recover for the winter it will soon get back to strong growth. However between now and then we will have to do some major surgery on some of the original plants which have trunks of up to 6 inches in diameter and are now probably beyond their best.

Luckily we have a contingency plan with the new plants at the front door we have also managed to obtain some azeklias and hopefully they will all integrate perfectly although in time maybe the bright yellow will have to be toned down as the front door guards are a more stable shade.