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Seeking a new "Brave" Name

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Jul 7, 2012 8:34:00 PM

When someone comes to my office and tells me they have good news and bad and then asks which I want first I am never sure which to ask for. Being naturally pessimistic I will probably consider the good news to simply be less bad "bad" news and the bad news is simply complete doom and gloom - the good news with this ethos is that I am rarely let down further and occasionally what someone regards as awful news has already been factored in and is simply not such good news.Anyway so it was this week when I was told of an event at Eriska. Being worried I asked for bad first which was that a wee seal pup had been found on the shore by the pier and whilst it seemed as though it was just resting it had been doing this for some time.

We contacted the Sealife Sanctuary who came down for a visit and whilst they identified the mother who was swimming offshore they could not be certain firstly if the pup had been touched and secondly if the mother would actually return or if in fact she had rejected it. So after a further 24 hours the decision was taken to move the pup to the sanctuary- a wise choice - as he was well underweight and had taken all week to start responding positively. However although he is not yet out of woods they have started looking for "Brave" names to call him so he can be named in line with the new Pixar movie- Suggestions wanted!!