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Weather wc 8th July

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Jul 8, 2012 8:33:00 PM

this time last week we were sitting outside enjoying a cup of tea and reminiscing with my mother as it was 39 years to the day that they took over at Eriska. On that day the heavens opened and they walked into a cold empty house with the rain not only pouring down outside but also dripping down inside where the house had sprung a few leaks. Whilst much has changed today with the rain outside a seemingly little end in sight we could be forgiven for thinking that nothing has changed but in reality today is the first wet day for a few weeks and watching the television shows it is nothing like that experienced by others in flash flooding down south- so whats ahead this week.

Today- after a wet start it will become mostly dry and bright, but a few showers will linger

Monday: A mostly dry and bright day, with some sunny spells, but a little rain pushing in across higher hills

Tuesday: Bright at first but clouds soon thickening to bring rain, perhaps some heavy overnight

Wednesday: Rather cloudy start with some mist and low cloud, but mainly dry and becoming brighter in the morning with sunny spells developing.

Thursday: Cooler, with north or northwesterly winds. Some bright or sunny spells, but with showers around, heaviest and most frequent on hills

Friday:After a dry start the rain will start and become heavy later.

Saturday: The generally unsettled picture is expected to continue throughout the weekend prone to showers or longer spells of rain, but rainfall amounts should be lower than of late.