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New otter arival- progres report

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Jul 19, 2012 8:31:00 PM

Some weeks ago we told of our decision to set up a permanent otter on the shore by otter point. This was to be created for several reasons, firstly to satisfy those who get to the shore as the dawn approaches to see the elusive creatures and in this case to alow them to spot something and regale the story over their porridge, secondly to offer company to the two holts on the west of the island and to offer encouragement for them and finally to offer a talking points for boats passing by and walkers wandering past.

The Otter Sculpture will sit atop one of the rocky crags and therefore the sculptor has been with us this week taking molds of the rockface and the next stage will be to transform the wire mould into a firm polished copy and then after a final fixing it will be off to the foundry to bronzed! It has also given us the chance to drill the rock so that when the final piece arrives it can be attached so that it can stand up to the wind and rain and wandering hands who might wish to move it.

At the same time his son has taken a 3d image of the rock with the otter and is looking into the possibility of creating little miniatures for us to use in the spa. Its all sounds such a good plan I am now wondering why we have never done it before