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Olympic Success

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Aug 8, 2012 11:03:00 AM

Normally the blog focusses on happenings at Eriska however I could not let the last 24 hours pass without mention of the Olympic Games. Over a year ago I got into quite a heated conversation about the games and London 2012 in the Library. There were certainly two sides and two points of view those who thought the games were a waste of money that would only show Britain up and those who believed it was a wonderful investment and a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase all that is good about Britain. In short it was clear that no one was going to be convinced and views were set but It left me enthused enough - or possibly tired and ready for bed- to apply for tickets. Here fate played its part as I was fortunate enough to be allocated tickets to the games so yesterday I set off for London and the games.

I did go with a preconception of the games and wondered how much of the media coverage was real and true but i was also very keen to see how the games had impacted. In short from the moment I arrived in London till the moment I returned north of the border this morning I could not have been more impressed. It left me with nothing but admiration for those who were behind the organization and planning of the event. The staff were all delightful happy and helpful, the transport system was organized, efficient and punctual and the stadium and facilities clean, well laid out and British! Given all of this it was therefore no surprise to me that the atmosphere inside was one of enjoyment and happiness. The smiling faces that greeted us on entry- to the wonderful farewell we received as we left insured that any doubters must have been convinced.

However the most remarkable piece of the puzzle was the atmosphere within the stadium- the wall of sound the followed the events was almost tangible as the 1500m runners circled the track (no Team GB Competitor among them) the silence as the crowd stood for national anthems during the medal ceremony and the happy faces and endless stories of the evening on the transport home could only have been achieved with the setting of the scene by the wonderful volunteers. We deserve to be proud of our country and the London 2012 Games look set to establish a benchmark which will stand the test of time- different from Bejing , Athens and Sydney but Britain what else would you expect! If the doubting guests had been in the Library tonight i would not be sitting on the fence!