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Driving range reopens

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Aug 10, 2012 11:02:00 AM

After a brief holiday from all the sporting activity we have this morning reopened our driving range. We knew when we decided to rebuild it that it would take firstly some time to create and secondly some time for the gras sto begin to establish itself. Luckily it has not taken quite as long as initially thought and the fact that we are not actually playing off the surface but simply collecting the ball has allowed us to accelerate the time table.
Unlike the first fairway when we had to insure a good coverage of grass before reopening the driving range is partly esthetic insuring that it looks good but also partly practical as we need it to be sufficiently firm to allow us to collect the balls. However as with all things we need to hurry it along a bit quicker than planned so we will not initially be picking the balls by machine- a welcome respite on capital expense- but will continue the old fashioned way with a combination of goodwill from my mother and enthusiasm form Sula her dog who enjoys retrieving or so we keep telling her. Anyway its now back to a thankless task of picking stones off the surface to insure the grass cutters get a safe journey across the surface and then the next phase can begin with the creation of a hard standing surface which will allow practice to continue even in the harshest of weather conditions although when this happens the call of the indoor range in the sports hall can also be heard!