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New signage already a hit

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Aug 24, 2012 10:57:00 AM

i have talked in the past about a couple who stayed with us for many years and often offered my parents advice on their plans for Eriska and indeed we owe a great deal to as they kept us on the straight and narrow on more than one again. However there greatest success was when asked by my father about funding an 18 hole golf course in his pursuit of leisure they made him stop and consider the simple things in life first by encouraging him to reestablish the croquet lawn and putting green and create tracks on the island with simple white posts.

This has since developed into far more comprehensive facilities but it was really their insistence that we start small simple and cheaply that insured we were on the right road before starting investing heavily in both money and time!So it was with a smile when several guests commented on the wonderful maps and signs around the island last night, firstly we have only put the new maps out this week and it was great to see that they had already been a hit and secondly it was surprising that when a guest filled in a questionnaire about Eriska that it was not the indoor tennis or the spa that they highlighted but the good signage. And all this before I have placed the "you are here" arrows on the maps to help guests locate themselves on the map- but as another guest pointed out they always have the sound of cars crossing the bridge to help triangulate themselves!