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Weather wc 26th August

Posted by Beppo Buchanan-Smith on Aug 26, 2012 10:54:00 AM

Well it seems clear that no one is really sure what this weekend is whether it is a Public Holiday or a Bank Holiday, for us the banks are closed in Scotland but they seem alone in recognising the weekend - some businesses are taking advantage of a down day and other are trying to eke out one last busy weekend before September arrives. What is clear is that the weather gods know it is meant to be a holiday as they bring on the usual unpredictable weather conditions before the weekend then a frustrating challenge of rain, sunshine and clouds to insure that no plans can be made until the last minute so what is ahead for the last week in August?


After a bright cloudless dawn we should get a mainly dry day with some sunshine although as it progresses and the clouds push in we may see isolated showers.

Monday: Cloudy with outbreaks of rain becoming heavy or very heavy and persistent and accompanied by strong southeast winds, coastal gales. Turning brighter and more showery later, with winds easing

Tuesday: A mainly dry bright day and while rather cloudy, some sunny spells will develop there will be a threat of heavy showers throughout

Wednesday: Turning cloudy with outbreaks of rain spreading in during the morning and becoming more consistent

Thursday: Windy with sunshine and blustery showers to start but becoming mainly dry and sunny later

Friday: Showers dying away leaving a dry and fine day behind

Saturday:A generally settled period looks likely to begin with extended spells of fine, dry weather in most areas, although rain is still possible at times.